What is a Spice Kitchen? Is It Worth Having One?

A spice kitchen has been around for decades and was a big thing back in the day. In today’s world, it has slowly started to come back into style.

A spice kitchen, due to its ventilation system and closable door, is used to keep pungent and intense odors out of the rest of your home. Sometimes known as the wok kitchen, depending on what you’re cooking, it is a smaller version of your central kitchen.

A spice kitchen usually has a fridge, upper and lower counter and cabinets, stove, and other optional appliances. With the ability to shut the opening to the rest of the house, you can cook stinky meals without the stress of lingering smells when guests arrive. 

Think of when you make an ethnic dish such as kimchi or steamed vegetables like cabbage or asparagus. These foods could put off quite an odor when being cooked, which is one reason you need a spice kitchen. What would you make in your spice kitchen? 

What are the Benefits of Having a Spice Kitchen?

There are several reasons people have spice kitchens in their homes, whether they’re avid cookers or professional bakers.  

1. Contain the Pungent, Intense Odors from Cooking

First of all, the primary use of your spice kitchen is to keep the pungent odors that come from cooking. When you cook ethnic dishes such as kimchi or curry, certain meats and fish can also smell offputting odors. No one likes these odors to linger in your house, sinking an oily or otherwise offputting smell in your clothes or furniture. That is why you need a spice kitchen! 

2. Easy to Clean 

Since spice kitchens are so small, they are much easier to clean! There is less space, so, therefore, less mess. You could also use your spice kitchen to make a big meal and not worry about cleaning your kitchen in time for guests arriving. Not having to clean your kitchen before guests make it perfect for those time-consuming recipes, so you can clean up after guests if need be.  

3. Makes Cooking a Breeze 

Smooth and easy cooking makes for a pleasurable and happy experience! With upper and lower cabinets and everything basically within hand reach, cooking will go smoother than ever in your spice kitchen. You can quickly grab anything you need without going across the kitchen or to the pantry, which makes for easy cooking. 

Is a Spice Kitchen Worth It?

Ultimately it is up to the user if a spice kitchen will be worth it. Everyone’s cooking habits vary widely throughout the world. That said, some people may use their spice kitchen three times a day, every day! On the other hand, some may only use it once every three years. If you will be using it daily, then yes, it would be worth it! However, if you might only use it three times a year, you may opt out of putting a spice kitchen in your home. 

Related Questions

How big should your spice kitchen be?

The size of your spice kitchen can be as big or little as you want! No standard size states how big or small your spice kitchen should be! Ensure you have enough room for your appliances and can move around flawlessly; no one wants a crowded, unusable spice kitchen! 

Where to put a spice kitchen?

Again, it is ultimately up to your personal use! The spice kitchen is commonly located directly off the central kitchen or close behind your main kitchen. You can put your spice kitchen wherever you want in your home. However, it would be ideal next to your primary kitchen. 

How much does a spice kitchen cost?

An average remodels cost in 2022 ranges from $12,700 to $21,100. Those numbers are just adding a room onto your existing house that does not include the price of a fridge, sink, and other appliances or counters and cabinets. A new added-on spice kitchen could cost you anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000, depending on what you’d like to add to your spice kitchen. 


To conclude, a spice kitchen is an additional kitchen, commonly next to or behind your primary kitchen. A spice kitchen intends to keep potent and intense odors away from the rest of your house, preventing lingering smells from absorbing into your clothes, hair, and furniture. It could also serve as a pantry or extra storage space.