What Does White Tea Taste Like?

White tea is made from the same plant as black and green tea. Because of this, white tea has a similar taste to both. 

However, white tea has a mild and delicate flavor that is usually considered to be on the more floral or fruitier side. It is less bitter and doesn’t have a strong flavor profile. 

This makes white tea a great pairing for many foods, as well as great for any time of the day. 

The Flavors of White Tea

White tea is considered the mildest of teas. Instead of the bitter flavor some associate with black tea, or the grassy taste of green tea, white tea is very light in taste. It tends to taste on the fruitier or more floral side. 

This makes it a great addition to any meal or snack, as the flavor isn’t overwhelming. It also works at any point of the day as it is the lowest in caffeine besides herbal teas. It is most similar to green tea and is great if you are looking to switch things up without changing flavors too much.

What Gives White Tea its Flavor

White tea is made from the same plant as black and green tea, Camellia Sinensis. These teas are made differently based on when the leaves are plucked from the plants, and the process they go through afterward. 

White tea is made from leaves that are plucked at a young age before the leaves even fully grow out. The little white hairs on the young leaves are actually what gives the tea its name. After they are harvested, the tea leaves are dried in the sun, known as withering. 

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This makes the tea the least processed, as the leaves are only sun-dried before being packaged for sale. 

Is White Tea Bitter    

If prepared correctly, white tea is light and fruity, without any bitter elements. If it is steeped too long, or boiled with too hot of water, it tends to get pretty bitter. 

Try to keep your water around 180 degrees Fahrenheit (82 degrees Celsius) and only let it steep for about five minutes. This will give you the best flavor from your tea and make sure it isn’t bitter. 

Does White Tea Taste Sweet

White tea has no sweetener in it naturally, so it is not sweet in the traditional sense. However, because it is not as strong as other teas, and has fewer tannins than green or black. Tannins are what give the tea its bitter flavor. 

Due to these factors, white tea is considered sweet.

Does White Tea Taste Like Black Tea

While both have that distinct tea taste, white tea is lighter and more delicate. Black tea tends to taste full-bodied, reminiscent of coffee. 

They have some distinct similarities, as they both come from the same plant, they are on opposite ends of the tea flavor profile.

What Flavors Work Well With White Tea

Most desserts go well with white tea, even desserts with a lighter flavor. The white tea is mild and doesn’t overpower anything else you eat it with. It is also good with sandwiches and cheese if you are wanting it with a savory snack.

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White tea can have many flavorings, so the exact pairings will depend on what other flavors are in the brew.   


If green tea has too much of an earthy taste for you, and black tea is too bitter or strong, white tea might be your best bet. It has a mind, floral taste that isn’t overpowering. You can pair it with even the most delicate of desserts without worrying about losing the taste.