What Does Undercooked Chicken Taste Like?

There has been a point in time where we have all questioned whether our chicken dish has been cooked long enough. Whether the chicken looks pink or tastes slightly different, it is important to make sure your chicken has been properly cooked before consuming it.

Generally speaking, you won’t know your chicken is raw from the taste alone. Raw meat has no specific taste. However, the texture, appearance, or small or raw or undercooked chicken may be an indication that it is not good.

Chicken is a common ingredient in dishes made at restaurants and home, so knowing what to look for in undercooked chicken is helpful no matter where you are eating. In a recent study, 40 percent of all chicken that is cooked at a restaurant is undercooked.

Even worse, many of these individuals did not follow proper handling procedures for raw chicken. This doesn’t mean you should never eat out, but it does mean you should always check to make sure your chicken is properly cooked before eating it.

How Will I Know If The Chicken I Ate Was Too Raw?

If you didn’t get a chance to visually inspect your chicken before you ate it, there may be other signs that the chicken you ate was undercooked. The undercooked chicken will be a bit slick, because of the extra juice that was not soaked up during the cooking process. It may even be somewhat slimy.

When the chicken you are eating is more jiggly than dense, it is likely undercooked. However, with the methods many restaurants use to moisten their chicken, it can be hard to tell if your dish is just cooked well or is somewhat undercooked.

Key points to look for in perfectly cooked chicken include:

  • All White Appearance
  • No Pink or Pink Juices
  • Firm to the Touch

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Do Different Cuts of Chicken Vary in Their Cooking Time?

Every cut of chicken varies just a bit in the amount of time it takes to properly cook. Thicker cuts of poultry, like chicken legs and thighs, take longer to cook than smaller breast tenderloins and wings.

Is It Okay To Slightly Undercook Chicken?

No. Unlike other types of meat, poultry cannot be undercooked at all. It is not safe to consume when it is not cooked to the proper temperature.