What Does Tea Taste Like With Milk?

Tea, at its core, is an extremely customizable drink. Hot or cold, sweet or bitter, thin or creamy, tea can do it all. There is a tea out there for everyone, and for some people, that’s tea with milk.

Tea with milk can be made either hot or cold, with the taste changing depending on the temperature. The taste of tea with milk also depends on what kind of tea is being used. Green tea with milk will taste different than chai tea. No matter what, adding milk to tea will always create a creamy taste and texture that many people love.

Milk Tea (Bubble Tea)

Right now, one of the most popular tea drinks is bubble tea. Most often, bubble tea is made with milk tea. Black tea is the common base for making milk tea. This creates a very rich and sweet flavor. Bubble tea is always served cold which brings out the sweetness of the milk. 

Bubble tea is usually combined with a flavored syrup, changing the taste to suit many flavor profiles. Some like their milk tea with brown sugar, some like it with a fruitier flavor, and some like floral flavors. 

Chai Tea

Chai tea is intended to have milk added to it, though not everyone does. The milk in chai tea is used to bring out the flavor of the spices. 

When chai tea is made hot, the milk is sweet and rich, bringing out the warmth of the spices. Chai tea is a classic cold-weather tea because of how rich and warm it feels.

Chai tea is also made into an iced latte which always has milk added to it. Since it’s iced, it doesn’t have the intense richness that its hot counterpart has. However, the milk always makes the taste sweeter. 

Matcha Tea

When people think of matcha, it isn’t surprising when a matcha tea latte is the first thing to come to mind. Matcha tea is commonly made with milk and is known for being a warm-weather drink. 

The matcha combined with the milk makes a light, delicate, and sweet flavor profile. Matcha tea is also commonly used to make bubble tea as the flavor is already so sweet. The milk makes the tea taste richer but overall is still very light and creamy. 

The Texture That Milk Adds

No matter what kind of tea the milk is added to, milk gives the drink a creamy texture. It’s lighter than what adding creamer to coffee would do but is perfect for people who want something thicker than water. 

Other Teas that Are Enhanced by Milk

  • Thai Tea
  • Any Tea Latte
  • Milk Oolong
  • English Breakfast Tea

It Is Up To You

Milk can be added to almost any tea to make it creamier and sweeter. It’s up to you how you want to use milk in your teas. Whether you are an avid bubble tea drinker or like waking up to the sophisticated English breakfast tea, milk can fit anywhere. 

If you like creamier textures and smooth tastes, try adding milk to your tea.