What Does Oatmeal Taste Like?

Oatmeal is a staple breakfast during the colder months. It’s warm, filling, and has plenty of nutrients so you can get through your day. This meal also can be very customizable by having many different flavors and textures.

On its own, oatmeal has a bland and grainy taste. Most people don’t eat oatmeal plan, however. When spices, such as cinnamon and allspice, are added, oatmeal turns into a warm and sweet tasting dish. 


Without anything added to it, oatmeal has a soft texture. Some may say it’s like a grainy pudding. It is important to customize your oatmeal to your liking as many people don’t like the initial texture. 

The texture can be changed with what kind of oats are used and how long it’s cooked for. Starting off with a tougher oat-like steel-cut will require a longer cooking time and won’t be as soft. Instant oats get soft quickly so they only need to be cooked for a short amount of time. 

To change the texture, simply add plenty of toppings. Making your oatmeal more crunchy can involve adding nuts, granola, or even graham crackers. To create more texture variety, add fruits like berries or chopped apples. Bananas can also be added but they don’t change the texture too much.


Again, because you can add anything to oatmeal, it can have a variety of smells. Most commonly, oatmeal smells like cinnamon heaven that can warm the coldest days. Any other spices or toppings that are added can change the smell. 

Raw oatmeal, however, smells nutty and slightly sweet. If your oats have gone bad they will begin to smell bitter. Who wants bitter oats?

Can I Make Oatmeal in the Microwave?

Yes, you can! Oatmeal is a simple dish that can taste great made in the microwave.

Along with starting from scratch, you can buy instant oatmeal that has already been flavored. Some of these include cinnamon-flavored oatmeal or apple-flavored oatmeal. This takes out the work of adding your own flavor. 

  • Step 1: Put your oats (instant works best for this) in a deep bowl of a mug and pour in the milk. The more milk you add the more soupier your oatmeal will be.
  • Step 2: Microwave for 30-60 seconds. This will depend on the dish you use and which kinds of oats you use.
  • Step 3: Take your oatmeal out and stir so no oats get stuck to the bottom.
  • Step 4: Add your spices, fruit, granola, nuts, anything you want. Berries taste especially great in oatmeal.
  • Step 5: Enjoy your warm and fragrant dish.

Oatmeal Health Benefits

Oatmeal is both good for your body and your soul. Most grains are good for you, but oatmeal condenses the benefits for flavorful efficiency. 

For those who can’t have gluten, oats are a gluten-free grain. The only concern is that they may come in contact with other glutenous grains such as wheat in factories. Always check the nutritional label of your oats for any allergy disclaimers. 

Other benefits of oatmeal include:

  • Good source of fiber and carbs
  • High in vitamins such as vitamin b1 and vitamin b5
  • High in phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and iron
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Can lower cholesterol
  • Can lower blood sugar
  • Very filling to get you through the day

Oats are so good for you that they’ve even been used in skincare. This is where “colloidal oatmeal” comes from that works so well with helping eczema. 

Final Thoughts

Oatmeal for breakfast can make the school or work mornings a bit easier while providing plenty of joy. There are so many good things about oatmeal and it can be customized to fit all sensory needs. 

You can also meal prep oatmeal by making it the night before and reheating it the next day. Oatmeal truly is the convenient breakfast choice.