What Does Nutritional Yeast Taste Like?

According to the New York Times, sales of nutritional yeast increased 20% last year. Due to its many health benefits, it’s gaining in popularity. While previously eaten mostly in vegan dishes, nutritional yeast is branching out. 

One of the reasons for nutritional yeast’s popularity may be its taste. Nutritional yeast has a strong flavor that is similar to parmesan cheese. It also has hints of nuttiness in it.

Due to its close flavor palate, nutritional yeast is often used in place of parmesan cheese. And, just like parmesan cheese, it melts and dissolves well into dishes. 

Nutritional Yeast in Popular Dishes

Now that you know how good nutritional yeast is for your body. Let’s see how you can work this delicious, cheesy, nutty-flavored supplement into your meals.


If you’ve ever had cheesy popcorn, you know how addictive it can be. Make some in a healthier way by sprinkling some nutritional yeast over your popcorn. You still get that amazing, delicious cheese flavor with the addition of added health benefits! Talking about popcorn, have you ever thought does popcorn expire?


Nutritional yeast is most often described as tasting like parmesan cheese. So go ahead and put a generous serving on top of your pasta. 

You can also cook nutritional yeast into your pasta. This works great if you’re making a mac and cheese dish. The nutritional yeast will melt right into your meal leaving a creamy cheese texture behind.


Nutritional yeast works exceptionally well on crostini or bruschetta appetizers. Or really, any appetizers that benefit from grated cheese on top.

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Try this easy and delicious way. Get some crusty bread and top with a mixture of diced tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and nutritional yeast. The cheesy, nutty flavor of nutritional yeast goes perfectly with bruschetta ingredients.


The popularity of chickpeas is skyrocketing. Whole Foods is predicting chickpeas to be one of their top sellers in 2021. Due to their versatility, chickpeas are excellent to keep on hand.

One of the best ways to eat chickpeas is roasted. When making roasted chickpeas, you can create your own flavor combinations so everyone gets exactly what they want.

And one of the best flavors for roasted chickpeas is gained with nutritional yeast. All you need to do is drain your chickpeas and toss them in olive oil and nutritional yeast. Roast them in the oven and get ready for a crunchy, cheesy snack that boasts multiple health benefits.

Mashed Potatoes

Nutritional yeast is an excellent addition to mashed potatoes. It helps give your potatoes a warm, cheesy flavor as well as helping to make them a little creamier.

Just toss in your nutritional yeast when you add your sour cream and get ready to enjoy!

A Cheesy, Nutty Flavor

We’ve given you some ideas to enjoy the cheesy, nutty taste of national yeast. Be sure to try out some of your own.

Anything that is made better with grated cheese, can be made better with nutritional yeast as well. In both flavor and health benefits!