What Does Marmite Taste Like?

Like its Australian counterpart, Vegemite, Marmite tends to be an acquired, divisive taste. It decided to play into the controversy by making one of its slogans ‘Love it or hate it.’ 

Marmite is a sticky, syrupy paste that tends to be somewhat fishy, overly salty, and high in umami flavors. It also tastes like soy sauce with a bitter, burnt taste. In addition, as it’s made from beer brewing byproducts, it also tends to taste yeast-like. 

As Britain’s response to Vegemite, it’s probably not a surprise that Marmite is used in similar ways to Vegemite. It’s often used as a spread on toast and sandwiches.


Marmite tends to be a little less harsh than Vegemite, although many of the flavors are similar. With the additions of rye, oats, vegetable juice concentrate, and celery flavors, Marmite is slightly more mellow than Vegemite.


We’ve been comparing Marmite to Vegemite a lot so far, as they are fairly similar products that not much else compares with. However, the texture is an area where they differ vastly.

Marmite has a consistency that is similar to molasses or honey. Unlike Vegemite which is a true paste, Marmite has a more syrupy texture. This makes it easier to use as a drizzle while still retaining the strong Marmite flavor.

What Does Marmite Smell Like

Marmite is very pungent. If you open a bottle in your house, people will notice.

Its aromas include a meaty, broth-like, earthy smell. Although, overall, Marmite tends to smell salty with undertones of tang.

What To Do With Marmite

It’s common to use Marmite as a savory spread for bread, crackers, and sandwiches. In addition, it’s used to make savory drinks as well, simply by adding it to mugs of hot water.

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If you are looking to add any kind of umami flavors to your dishes, Marmite is a good way to do that. It’s a great way to get that flavor into soups, stews, ramen, and stir fry dishes.

Recently, Marmite even released a spicy version that’s intended to ‘shock your system in the morning.’ While very spicy, it’s intended to be eaten with breakfast, by putting it on bagels and crumpets. It’s a regular Marmite with chili flavoring, however, the Marmite flavor appears to be stronger than the spice.

Final Thoughts

Marmite is a thick, syrupy paste that tastes like salt, fish, soy sauce, and yeast. It’s fairly heavy in umami flavor with a bitter-tasting, burnt finish.

It has many similarities in common with Vegemite and is used similarly.