What Does Lotus Root Taste Like?

The lotus plant is undeniably one of the most beautiful and majestic blooms in Asia. As it floats across the pond, it slowly ripples the water and enchants anyone watching. Lotus root has been seen as a sacred plant in Hindu and Buddhist cultures, and often influences their way of life. 

Although the flower itself is not usually used in food dishes, the entire plant is edible. There is no doubt that the lotus flower is stunning in its shape and color, but have you ever wondered what it tastes like? 

The lotus root is used in dishes to add a sweet and light flavor to the food. It is used in soups and stews but can also be eaten by itself. 

The Taste

Lotus root is sweet and delicate, which makes it a perfect compliment to many savory Asian-style dishes. It has a slight earthy flavor, but is still light in what it provides. 

The Texture

Lotus root is crunchy and similar to celery. Even after it has been cooked, it usually still remains crispy like it was when it was raw. 

How Do You Prepare Lotus Root?

Lotus root can be used in nearly every Asian dish with other vegetables. Usually when it’s bought, it is covered in dirt and must be washed first. Then, chop off the ends and use a potato peeler to remove the skin. Make slices down the root about half of an inch together. 

Lotus roots can also be sliced long ways and lightly smashed. This helps to extract more flavor into the dish. To do this, cut the lotus into quarters and cut each section down the middle and into smaller quarters.

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Lotus Root Soup

Soup that features the use of lotus root is often eaten on Chinese New Year as a source of good luck. Preparing lotus soup is quick and fairly simple. The flavor of the soup includes a balance of salty and sweet. It is a good source of protein, and is perfect for the winter. 

  1. Prepare the lotus root by shedding the peelings and cutting it into slices. 
  2. In a pot, add the lotus, salt, wolfberries, dried dates, pork ribs, and a piece of octopus. 
  3. Add enough water to cover the mixture and place a lid on the pot. Turn the stove on high, and bring it to a boil. 
  4. Once it has finished boiling, put it on low heat and cook it for 1.5 hours. Every 30 minutes, stir the soup to keep it from drying out. If moisture is needed, add more water to the pot. 
  5. Once the soup has cooled, pour it into a bowl and serve. 

Braised Lotus Root

Braised lotus root is a delicious salty, sweet, and sticky snack that is perfect for an appetizer or a side during lunch. The natural crunch of the root is magnified, and it is insanely easy to make this delicious dish. 

  1. First, place the lotus in a pot or saucepan with 2 tablespoons of vinegar. This helps to eliminate any overpowering earthy flavor. Add enough water to completely cover the roots. 
  2. Put the roots on high heat and allow it to boil for ten minutes. 
  3. In a separate bowl, add a cup of water, salt, sugar, soy sauce, and corn syrup. Mix it together and place it on medium heat on the stove.
  4. Once the mixture begins to lightly boil, add the lotus root and stir it for ten minutes.
  5. Reduce it to medium heat and let it cook for an additional twenty minutes. Continue to stir so the sugar does not stick to the bottom. 
  6. When all of the water has evaporated from the pot, it is ready to serve. Top it with sesame seeds. 
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In Conclusion

Lotus root has been used in many traditional Asian dishes since the beginning of time. Its satisfying crunch and light sweet flavor has made it extremely popular among the culture. Lotus root is a well-rounded delicacy that deserves to be tried by everyone.