What Does Key Lime Pie Taste Like?

When you’re looking for a sweet, summery pie, look no further than Key Lime. Made popular with its use of Florida key limes, key lime pie is iconic to the state. Any pie shop in the peninsula will likely have a slice of it on tap. 

If you’re not familiar with key lime pie, it’s definitely worth giving a try. 

Key lime pie is tangy, a little sour, and sweet. The tart key limes bring a zing of sour flavor that is cut through with creamy sweetness. It has a smooth custard filling sitting over a buttery, molasses-like graham cracker crust. Some varieties are topped with sweet, marshmallowy, crunchy meringue. 

Key Lime pie is synonymous with the Florida Keys. It’s made from small, fragrant limes that are local to the region. Florida may be very proud of its pie, but this tangy treat is now available anywhere that you can buy a pie


Key lime pie is best made with fresh key limes. Both the juices and the zest of the lime are used to make this tasty treat. This makes it tangy, tart, and a little sour. 

Of course, there is a good helping of sweetness in a key lime pie. That sweetness tones down the tart lime, making it similar to a limeade drink. It should not be too sour, however, and should balance well with the sweetness. Some people like to make their pies extra tart, however. 

Sweetness and tart marry together perfectly in this bright, refreshing custard. The custard itself is slightly vanilla-like in tone. 

The crust on a key lime is traditionally a graham cracker one. With the rich, molasses based crackers crushed down and rejoined with melted butter, the tart lime pie is made even sweeter. The graham cracker crust is rich and reminiscent of brown sugar. It adds complexity to the pie. 

With Meringue

Some key lime pies have a whipped topping. This adds a refreshing, cool creaminess to the brightly flavored custard. 

Some pies, however, go the extra mile. They’re piled high with a meringue, sometimes one that is also toasted. Meringue has a vanilla, creamy, almost marshmallowy taste. When hit with a blast from a cooking torch, it takes on a delightful toasty flavor. 


Key lime pie has a creamy texture to it. Strong enough to hold its shape when sliced, the interior of a key lime pie is smooth and soft. It will melt in your mouth, similar to a cheesecake. Talking about creamy cheesecake, durian also tastes similar.. It is slightly less claggy and rich in the mouth than a cheesecake, though. 

The crust is crumbly and moist, complimenting the creaminess of the pie. 

A crown of meringue will add crunch and chewiness to the otherwise soft pie. The meringue will have a crunchy outside and soft, pillowy inside. The interior will be a little sticky, similar to a marshmallow. 


Key lime pie will smell much the way it tastes. The notes of zesty lime lined with sweetness will pull through as it is baking. Graham crackers will add a rich, brown sugar molasses scent to the baking, one that will blend with the sour lime. 


Key lime pie is a wonderfully balanced flavor experience. A handshake between sweet, sour, and rich. It uses the refreshing tartness of key limes blended into a sweet custard to make a statement. Crumbly graham crackers form the crust, adding dimension to each bite. 

When it is topped with meringue, key lime pie gets an extra layer of marshmallowy goodness. The crunchy meringue, smooth and creamy custard, and delicate crust make for a fantastic eating experience.