What Does Kefir Taste Like?

Kefir is a drink made from the fermented milk of goats, cows, or sheep. Kefir originated in the middle east and is a popular drink worldwide. It is similar in health benefits to other probiotic drinks such as kombucha and Yakult

Kefir has a naturally sour taste from the fermentation process and is described as tangy. It is slightly fizzy, tart, and creamy. It can be plain or flavored with honey or fruit. It is similar in consistency to buttermilk and close in flavor to unsweetened Greek yogurt. 

Benefits of Drinking Kefir

Even if the taste takes some time to become endeared with, the health benefits of kefir are vast and worth the struggle.

Kefir contains lots of probiotics from the fermentation process, which help restore gut balance, aid in digestion, and support weight loss. 

Due to the high levels of calcium and vitamin K, kefir is beneficial in promoting bone health. Kefir is also an excellent source of protein. 

Where to Buy Kefir? 

Kefir can be purchased at most grocery stores, health food marts or farmer’s markets. There are a variety of flavors and brands on the market. If you are avoiding dairy, they even make water kefir. 

How to Make Kefir

  1. Add 1 Tbsp of kefir grains(can be purchased online) and 4 cups of whole milk to a glass jar. Cover the jar with a cloth or a few layers of paper towels. Secure with a rubber band. 
  2. Place the jar in a warm dark spot for 24 hours. When the kefir has thickened and is producing a sour smell, it is ready. 
  3. Strain the kefir through a mesh colander or cheesecloth. Press gently to force the liquid through, leaving behind the grains. 
  4. Stir the kefir in the fridge. It will be good for around two weeks. 
  5. Whip up another batch! 

Final Thoughts 

While the taste of kefir can take a bit of time to grow accustomed to, the health benefits make any adjustment period worth it. Nicknamed the “champagne of milk,” this fizzy drink will give you many reasons to celebrate.