What Does Jellyfish Taste Like?

“Don’t step on the jellyfish!”…because it is going to be dinner. If you have never considered eating jellyfish, you are not alone. Considered a delicacy in East and Southeast Asian countries, this food trend has not reached mainstream popularity.

Described as having a delicate flavor, jellyfish are considered to be mild in taste. It will take on the flavor of the dish and is relatively neutral in flavor. The texture is chewy and compared to glass noodles or a cucumber. They closely resemble oysters in their slimy texture.

Are Jellyfish Safe to Eat?

Around ten species of jellyfish are considered safe for consumption. The remaining species are too toxic and should not be consumed. Always make sure you are getting the jellyfish from a reputable source. Jellyfish have been linked to infection outbreaks from bacteria on the skin and improper cleaning techniques.

What Countries Eat Jellyfish?

Eating jellyfish most commonly occurs in Asian countries. Korea, Japan, and China are the most notable.

How to Prepare Jellyfish?

There are a variety of ways to prepare jellyfish. The tentacles are removed from the body and discarded, and the bell-shaped body is what is consumed. Raw consumption is not recommended due to the risk of improper cleaning and handling.

The most popular way to eat jellyfish is to brine it in salt or vinegar. Brining keeps the jellyfish from spoiling too quickly.

Another method is to dehydrate the jellyfish using aluminum salts.

Once prepared, it can be added to salads, noodle dishes, and sushi.

Final Thoughts

Jellyfish are a major source of overpopulation in the ocean, and eating them could be a meaningful way to combat this troublesome issue. Additionally, they are a source of high protein, iron, selenium, and choline.

While the texture might be a challenge, by all accounts, the flavor is delicate and delightful. The next time you see jellyfish on the menu, give it a shot!