What Does Goose Taste Like?

In America, chicken and turkey tend to be the most popular birds on the block. However, in other parts of the world, that title goes to geese. This is, at least in part, because it’s typically more flavorful than either chicken or turkey.

Similar to other types of animals, goose tends to taste like the diet it has consumed. There is also a difference in tastes between domestic goose and wild goose. However, overall, goose tends to taste gamey and more like duck or red meat than it does other types of poultry.

There are many differences between goose and duck, but it’s more comparable than chicken or turkey.

Domestic Goose

Domestic geese typically refer to geese that are kept at home or on a farm for eggs. However, they can be kept for other purposes. 

When domestic, goose meat tends to be mild in flavor, less gamey and has a smoother texture. Like its wild counterpart, it has an excess of fat.

Wild Goose

Wild geese are generally gamier and tougher than domestic geese. However, when properly cooked it can taste more like beef than duck or poultry and is fairly rich.

Oftentimes, it has a somewhat buttery flavor and textures.

The Diet of Geese

Typically, geese will taste mostly like what they eat. And what they eat, depends on where they live.

West Coast Geese

Geese that live on the west coast tend to eat mostly celeriac, wild celery and eelgrass. These plants taste like fennel, coriander, and mint. They are also somewhat sweet and crisp.

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This makes the west coast geese have a somewhat sweeter flavor. However, that said, no one would describe a goose as sweet.

East Coast Geese

These geese will eat more roots, stems, shoots, and leaves. They have a somewhat more earthy taste than west coast geese. 

Goose Eggs

While duck and hen eggs are more common, goose eggs are edible. They more closely resemble the taste of duck eggs than chicken, as their flavor is somewhat more intense.

They have large yolks and are richer and thicker than chicken eggs.

Goose Liver

Goose liver, or foie gras, is considered a delicacy in many places. It’s mild-flavored but rich, creamy, and buttery.

It’s also slightly bitter and gamey, although much less so than in the actual meat.

To Sum Up

Geese are more like iguana, duck or red meat than chicken or turkey. Talking about turkey learn how to reheat a turkey.. They are somewhat gamey and depending on the diet can be either mild and somewhat crisp or earthy tasting.

If you’re looking for a less gamey flavor, try to find a domestic goose. A wild one, while more flavorful, will have a more gamey taste.