What Does Fondant Taste Like?

Cakes these days have become works of art, mainly in part to the use of fondant. Fondant is an edible icing that can be rolled out and used to cover a cake or sculpt objects. It is made of sugar, sugar, and more sugar. It is an incredible tool for cake decorating.

Due to all the sugar used to make it, fondant is incredibly sweet tasting. People describe it as tasting like marshmallows with a bite. The big difference between fondant and icing is the texture. Icing is silky and soft, but the fondant is thick and almost like clay. Many people remove the fondant from the cake before eating it, as the flavor and texture can be too intense.

Pros of Using Fondant

Fondant has many pros, with the number one being cake preservation. Fondant does not melt in the heat, so it makes it an ideal choice for outdoor celebrations. It will keep its shape and allow for a worry-free event. Buttercream needs to be kept in a temperature-controlled environment, which is not always possible.

Another plus of using fondant is it allows for a blank canvas which you can create unreal works of art. Since it can be molded, usual shapes are easy to create. The decoration possibilities are limitless.

Fondant also seals off the cake, which prevents it from going bad. This means cakes can be made in advance and stay fresh.

Cons of Using Fondant

The major con of fondant is the taste. Many people cannot get past the flavor and texture, although peeling it off is a simple option.

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Another con is that fondant is not forgiving, so a skilled hand is needed to keep it looking in great shape.

Where Can I Buy Fondant?

Want to try your hand at making a cake using fondant? Worry not, because it is readily available. Fondant can be purchased at local craft stores, party stores, Walmart, or online. It is inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors. If you do not want to worry about rolling it out, they even sell it pre-rolled.

Final Thoughts

Fondant is a great option to create a beautiful cake while also controlling for environmental factors and preserving freshness. While the taste may not be for everyone, a simple peeling off of the fondant will reveal a great tasting cake underneath!