What Does Eggnog Taste Like?

For many, the first appearance of eggnog marks the beginning of the holiday season. The luckier ones may find it in stores in late September. However, most of us need to wait until the end of October or even the beginning of November.

Eggnog is primarily a winter drink that is popular in the United States. It’s very heavy, very rich, and has the texture of thick cream. Its flavor depends on the added ingredients, but generally, it has a slightly spicy taste to it.

While eggnog is made with eggs, the taste of eggs is virtually undetectable in this drink. The eggs contribute more to the frothy texture of the eggnog than the flavor.

What is Eggnog Made From

Eggnog is a mystery to many people. It only comes out once a year and has a name that is very dissimilar to its flavor. It looks a little like just melted ice cream, but it is undeniably a beverage.

The main ingredients in eggnog are eggs, sugar, whole milk, and heavy cream. Most eggnog recipes also call for the addition of alcohol, usually either bourbon or rum, but it can be nonalcoholic. Lastly are the spices that give it its seasoned flavor, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.

Is Drinking Eggnog Safe

You may have noticed that one of the main ingredients in eggnog is eggs. If you read an eggnog recipe, you would see that at no point are you instructed to cook those eggs. So is it safe to drink those raw eggs?

The answer is, probably. But everything comes with risks. 

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How to Make Eggnog Safer

While drinking raw eggs can make you sick, there are some ways to make this less risky. 

Heat Your Eggs

One way to be certain you will not risk getting salmonella is to heat your eggs before you put them in your eggnog.

Simply put your eggs with half the milk and heat slowly on the stove, stirring constantly until the temperature reaches 160 degrees. At that point, the eggs are no longer a threat to make you sick.

Use Pasteurized Eggs

Almost all eggs sold in the United States are pasteurized, so this isn’t much of an issue in America. Pasteurized eggs are essentially preheated to kill any bacteria. You can use these eggs in dishes that call for raw or undercooked eggs. 

Use Liquid Eggs

Liquid eggs are found in most supermarkets near the fresh eggs. Liquid eggs are already pasteurized so you can safely use them in your eggnog.

Buy it From the Store

If you are really concerned about getting sick from eggnog, you can always pick up a carton at the supermarket. You can be assured it’s safe. Feel free to add your own alcohol, extra spices, or even some vanilla extract.

The Great Eggnog Debate

Eggnog seems to be one of those polarizing flavors that people either clamor for or look away in disgust. According to YouGov, a market research firm, eggnog comes in second, behind hot chocolate as America’s favorite holiday beverage. It is most popular with people over the age of 65.

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Only 25% of people claimed that eggnog was their favorite seasonal beverage. And, a quick google search will reveal people arguing over whether eggnog is worth the years-long wait. Those who love eggnog, swear it is.

For the lovers of eggnog, most claim it’s akin to drinking ice cream in a glass. Those who don’t love it, often complain the texture is too thick and it’s too rich to have very much.

The Takeaway

Eggnogg is a warm, rich, thick, spicy holiday beverage. It has a creamy consistency, somewhat like partially melted ice cream. 

If you’ve avoided eggnog because you think it will taste like eggs, don’t let that stop you. There is zero egg flavor to be found!

Add in a little alcohol of your choice, and see if you enjoy the taste and texture of eggnog.