What Are Splenda Coffee Flavors?

Splenda is known as perhaps the most famous of sugar alternatives out there, and can be used in all sorts of things. One place where sugar – or Splenda – can be vital is coffee, which is usually extremely bitter by default.

To that end, Splenda sought to create packets for the specific purpose of adding sweet flavors to coffee. 

The correct term is Splenda Coffee Creamers. These come in a variety of types, including Sweet Cream, French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Peppermint Mocha!

Origins Of Splenda 

According to Splenda’s own website, the sugar alternative’s origin is a bit quaint. It effectively paints it as happening by accident! 

The story goes that in 1976, researchers at a British college were looking into a new compound. This compound was called Sucralose, and was originally extracted from sugar. 

According to Splenda’s story, a young rookie researcher was asked to test the new compound. But apparently he misheard this, and ended up tasting the new compound instead.

As a result, the discovery was made that Sucralose was quite sweet, despite containing no calories.

Whether the details of the story are apocryphal or not, it was indeed discovered in 1976 at the Queen Elizabeth College.

The researchers were partnered with Tate & Lyle, a very long-standing British food processing company. They were in the sugar refining business as far back as 1921, making it funny that they ended up finding a big competitor to sugar!

They went into slow development from there and eventually the launch of Splenda took place in 1992. They grew rapidly over the years, claiming to have sold more than 100 billion yellow sweetener packets across the globe. 

And they’ve expanded to have a wider portfolio, including the coffee creamers we’re discussing today.

What Are The Four Splenda Coffee Creamers? What Is The Difference Between Them?

We’ll now be going over Splenda’s four major flavors of coffee creamers, going into the different ways they’re advertised as well as how they’ve reviewed.

French Vanilla

Splenda advertises this as a smooth, delicious, rich and creamy blend of vanilla. And as always with Splenda, it’s a low calorie sweetener made out of Sucralose. That means it’s done with no sugar and no corn syrup.

They advertise that you get the exact same traditional taste of typical coffee creamers but with half the calories and therefore, none of the guilt. But what do the reviews say?

The truth is that a low cal sweetener is probably going to taste like one. Even those who enjoy it and rate it highly note that the coffee will still have a bitter aftertaste which requires multiple packs to tame.  

One particularly nasty review went as far as to say that the vanilla flavor hardly tasted of vanilla at all, and was also bothered by the oily texture that it added to the coffee.

Of course reviews are mixed, with many saying that it’s so sweet that you barely need any to properly flavor your coffee. 

Sweet Cream

As you imagine of a creamer with ‘cream’ in the name, they’re really playing up the creamy aspect here, more than usual. 

The Splenda Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer is said to have zero sugar, zero corn syrup and no more than 15 calories per serving.

As far as flavor goes, they say it’s rich and velvety. 

They also make a bold claim on their website that it has half the calories and yet twice the taste of your typical flavored coffee creamer! Them’s fighting words right there. But is there any truth to this?

Sadly according to reviews, flavor seems to leave something to be desired for some. 

Opinions are mixed with some saying it’s okay aside from the unpleasant aftertaste, while others cite a chemical and bitter taste that’s overwhelming no matter how much is used. 

Others though will swear by it being superior to the typical local sweetener. 


Splenda espouses this one as being both sweet and toasty. 15 calories per serving like the above, with zero sugar or corn syrup as always. 

The aim here is to have a nutty flavor, and to reach a true coffeehouse experience. Once again the ethos is clear, to have the same or better taste as traditional sweeteners without the guilt of the added calories.

So does the Splenda Hazelnut Coffee Creamer succeed here? Let’s look at reviews once again.

It would seem that the consistency is atleast nice with this one. It’s said to have a soothing texture to it, which is great for a cream. 

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Flavor reviews seem to be more favorable for this one compared to the others as well, atleast going by a very limited sample size!

Some have reported great results when used with Starbucks blonde cold brew, and note it as being perfect for people that enjoy creamers but are looking to avoid high calories.

Peppermint Mocha

An interesting blend of tastes, the peppermint mocha is noted for having a cool and chocolatey flavor on the Splenda website. 

They call it rich, creamy and again, having half the calories but all the flavor of traditional creamers. Interestingly, the description also refers to the holiday season. 

While it doesn’t explicitly say it’s available for a limited time only, all the reviews only go back as far as December. What’s more, Peppermint Mocha also isn’t listed in their typical lineup.

This all suggests that it is indeed a seasonal treat and while it’s still available at the time of writing, its days are likely numbered! But is it worth having any fomo over?

By and large, the reviews were quite positive for Peppermint Mocha. The taste seems more adventurous and fun than people are accustomed to when it comes to zero sugar sweeteners.

The peppermint flavoring seems to be subtle, which is a plus for some and a bit disappointing for others. But on the whole, people seem pleased with the taste of the Splenda Peppermint Mocha Creamer.

There was, of course, one notable outlier who swore that the Coffee Mate Zero Calorie Peppermint Mocha was far superior and called the Splenda version awful in comparison. 

That seemed to be the exception to the rule though, with many wishing it could be available permanently.

What Does Coffee With Butter Taste Like?

That question might seem odd in a more health conscious article like this, but keep in mind this idea actually comes from the keto diet. This ever more popular diet made the idea of putting butter in coffee something of a trend. 

The idea is that the high-fat content of butter being added to the coffee helps keep them satiated for longer throughout the day. Therefore, as a result, they end up not needing to eat as much. 

When you consider that the target result is to get by on nothing but morning coffee until lunch, then you realize the benefit.  If this is your experience as well, you might be surprised by how much healthier this is in the long run.

But… butter in coffee? What on Earth does that taste like? Well, unfortunately when done by itself, the butter doesn’t actually add much flavor at all.

Ultimately it’s likely to just taste like a greasier version of black coffee. Remember, it’s done to make it more filling, not so much to taste better or even to taste buttery. The texture is greatly changed by it though, making it remarkably oily. 

It should be noted that Bulletproof Coffee is the one more commonly talked about when people are discussing putting butter in coffee. There’s more that goes into that process than simply dropping in a slab of the stuff into your mug!

6 Ways To Make Coffee Healthier

We’ve gone into the coffee creamers already, so let’s now look at a number of other ways you can make coffee drinking a healthier experience.

#1 – Using Low And Zero Calorie Sweeteners Instead Of Sugar

This one is obvious, but is true even beyond Splenda’s coffee creamers. Simply adding a sugar alternative to the coffee directly is notably healthier than using actual sugar.

There’s all types of sugars out there but each one contains around 15-20 calories per teaspoon. And they all have the obvious impact of raising one’s blood sugar.

Sugar also means a noticeable intake of carbs. Using an artificial sweetener like Splenda is an obvious enough way to minimize health risks and still tame the bitterness of coffee.

It’s worth pointing out that sugar-alternatives are not only low in calories but also have no impact whatsoever on your bloodsugar. 

#2 – Add In Some Unsweetened Cocoa

Everyone likes the taste of chocolate, but it does come with a lot of added fats and sugars. 

Unsweetened cocoa is a healthy alternative that comes with some nice health benefits.

Cocoa is known to carry antioxidants which help to reduce risk of diabetes, as well as help stave off inflammatory conditions and heart disease. 

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Unsweetened cocoa isn’t realistically going to give you the same taste as chocolate but it definitely has its advantages. If you do want to add in chocolate, consider using dark chocolate with it’s higher cacao percentage. 

Alternatively, a stevia-sweetened chocolate can also be used. 

#3 – Combine It With A Nutritional Shake

Nutrition shakes are growing steadily in popularity each year. They’re made specifically to give you a healthy blast of essential vitamins and minerals and can often be quite tasty as well.

Pouring, say, a vanilla-flavored nutrition shake into a mug along with some strong-brewed coffee will result in a nice Creamy Iced Vanilla Latte. 

This can be done with all sorts of flavors of course, depending on what your favorite is or what you have a craving for. 

Nutritional shakes should have a great balance of protein, carbs and fats that help you manage blood sugar and satisfy your cravings all at once. 

#4 – Add Cinnamon

Adding a sweeter spice like a cinnamon to the coffee drink is a really good option. It’s an effective way to add a dash of flavor without adding any extra calories to go along with it.

According to some research, cinnamon might help reduce blood sugar levels. This could be a nice bonus for those who suffer from diabetes and high blood sugar.

That said it doesn’t seem to have a significant effect on hemoglobin A1c. So it’s generally thought to be better off just used for flavor rather than a diabetes treatment.

#5 – Use A Homemade Recipe

You might not think it’s possible to replicate the fancier coffee drinks like frappes or mochas at home. But you’d be surprised! The recipes are out there and it’s a lot more attainable than you might think.

And it’s a sound idea because coffeehouses will rarely come with the healthiest of chocolate sauces and syrups. As a result, it can be tough to eat out and avoid all those excess calories. 

But it goes without saying that such a thing is not a concern for homemade coffee.

You can try making a frozen coffee drink all your own, such as a frozen almond cappuccino or a frozen mocha latte. 

These can be made with sugar-alternatives to help serve your sweet tooth and give you a balanced meal all at once.

#6 – Check The Label

This one should go without saying, but many people take for granted the nutritional facts of the food they consume. 

This can be especially true when they see it advertised as something health conscious. It’s easy to simply take this on face value and assume that what you’re consuming is healthy.

But there’s only one way to be sure and that way is always the same; check the nutritional facts! 

Pay particularly close attention to the serving size, and remember that it’s often smaller than what people typically consume in one sitting!

In the case of ready-to-drink coffee, for someone looking to watch their sugar intake, the amount of total added sugars is the key metric.

The recommendations according to the American Heart Association is that on average, men should consume no more than 36 grams and women no more than 24 grams of sugar.

In Conclusion…

Splenda’s coffee flavors are actually known as coffee creamers. There are four of them in total, these being sweet cream, french vanilla, hazelnut and – seasonally – peppermint mocha.

The reviews vary for these and of course taste is subjective; some find them delicious and others less so. Peppermint mocha and hazelnut seem to have slightly less detractors than the others.

But a lot of that has to do with the fact that French Vanilla and Sweet Cream are also the most commonly consumed ones and so a wider variety of people have tried them. 

The more popular something is, the more likely someone will try it only to find that it doesn’t suit their tastes.

You probably shouldn’t expect them to taste the same as a typical sweetener, regardless of what the advertisements say. But if you have health reasons for wanting to avoid sugar, Splenda’s sweeteners are a great option.