5 Substitutes for Swiss Cheese

When you think of Swiss cheese, what comes to mind? The light yellow cheese with holes? That is the most common type of Swiss cheese, but there are multiple varieties, each with their own flavors and uses.

Many Swiss cheese varieties are only available in certain Swiss provinces. The most commonly known type of Swiss cheese, Emmenthal, is not available year-round. However, there are many varieties of cheese that work as substitutes for Swiss cheese.

The best substitutes for Swiss cheese are cheddar cheese, fontina, burrata, mozzarella, and provolone. Each of these cheeses have distinct flavors and textures, but they can all be used in a variety of recipes.

What Can I Use Instead of Swiss Cheese?

Swiss cheese has a unique flavor and texture, so there are only a few suitable substitutes for the cheese. Despite this, there are some good cheeses that can replace your Swiss cheese in most recipes.

Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar cheese is very similar in taste and texture to Emmenthal, which makes it a great substitute. The biggest difference between the two is the physical appearance of each cheese, as Emmenthal has holes from aging and cheddar is whole. Cheddar is made from cow’s milk, as is Emmenthal. Cheddar is also more affordable than Emmenthal.


Fontina is a popular Italian cheese that is made with raw cow milk. Fontina softer and creamier than Emmenthal, but it is similar in taste. Fontina has a slightly stronger taste than Emmenthal does, so it may not be the best substitute for every dish, but it will work for most.


Burrata is a very soft, savory cheese, making it versatile. Burrata is similar in texture and flavor to Emmenthal, so it can be used in a variety of dishes in place of Swiss cheese.


Mozzarella is a very savory and creamy cheese, like Emmenthal, so it will go well in most, if not all, of the dishes you’d use Swiss cheese in. Mozzarella is made with both buffalo milk and cow’s milk, so it has a very similar taste to Swiss cheese.


Provolone has a similar texture to Emmenthal, but a different flavor. Provolone has a tangy aftertaste and is mildly sweet. It will not work in all of your recipes, but it can be a substitute for Swiss cheese in a pinch.

Can I Substitute Gouda for Swiss Cheese?

Gouda is not one of the best substitutes for Swiss cheese, but it can work in a pinch. Gouda would work best in pastas, baked dishes or baked goods, as the difference will not be noticeable.