7 Substitutes for Porcini Mushrooms

Making a dish that calls for Porcini mushrooms, but they aren’t in season? What else can you use?

There are multiple products you can substitute for porcini mushrooms!

Shiitake mushrooms, tomato paste, dried thyme, button mushrooms, mixed mushrooms, zucchini, and truffle oil are all good to use as substitutions for porcini mushrooms.

Porcini mushrooms are a favorite of many due to their unique and tasty flavor, meat-like texture, many health benefits, and how readily available they are. However, sometimes you might want to try something new, or you might have a hard time getting a hold of porcini mushrooms. 

In any case, it’s not hard to find the perfect substitute to use in the dish you are making. 

What are porcini mushrooms?

Porcini mushrooms, or penny-bun mushrooms, are edible mushrooms that are often found dried or fresh. You can also get them ground.

They have brown caps, off-white stalks, white undersides, and can range in size. They grow in the northern hemisphere near and in forests.

They have a meaty and nutty flavor and have many health benefits, such as

  • Lots of fiber
  • Lots of protein
  • B vitamins
  • Potassium
  • Zinc

What can you use them for?

Porcini mushrooms are a popular choice for many savory dishes. You can use them in 

  • Pasta 
  • Meat dishes 
  • Vegetarian dishes 
  • Sauces
  • Broths

The rich, earthly flavor is a wonderful addition to many different kinds of dishes.

What can you use as a substitute?

So, if you don’t have any porcinis in your fridge, or are having trouble finding them in the store, what can you use instead? There are plenty of other options to choose from

  1. Shiitake Mushrooms
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Shiitake mushrooms are probably the closest substitute for porcini mushrooms. They have a similar taste and texture but are slightly less flavorful. 

They’re great alternatives for soups, pizzas, And other dishes.

  1. Tomato Paste

This option may sound a little strange, but it can work. While the taste will not be similar to porcini mushrooms and it definitely won’t have the meaty texture, tomato paste can be used as a replacement in some recipes.

This is because some recipes call for porcini mushrooms for the umami taste. The tomato paste will give you this taste in a pinch if you can’t get a hold of any porcini mushrooms.

  1. Dried Thyme

Although dried thyme won’t add any meatiness or texture to your dish, it can be used as a substitution for porcini mushrooms. 

It has an earthy scent and taste that is similar to porcini mushrooms. Thyme is one of the spices often used to season mushrooms themselves as well. 

By using thyme, you can get some of the same flavors of porcini mushrooms without having any mushrooms in your dish.

  1. Button Mushrooms 

Button mushrooms are another option for substituting porcini mushrooms. 

While they might not have the earthy flavor of porcini mushrooms, they are very easy to find and are the most common type of mushrooms sold. 

They also lend a meaty texture to your dish. 

Pair these with some dried thyme and you’ll have some of that flavor that comes with using porcini mushrooms!

  1. Mixed mushrooms

Mixed mushrooms are a great alternative to porcini mushrooms. If you’re not able to find any porcini mushrooms in stores, try to grab a package of mixed mushrooms.

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Most of these packages will contain some porcini mushrooms as well as Shiitake mushrooms. This way even if you can’t use only porcini mushrooms, you’re still getting some into your dish.

  1. Zucchini 

Zucchini is a versatile substitute for many different ingredients. This product will give your dish a slightly, earthy tone that can be compared to porcini mushrooms.

It cooks easily and while it may not have all the nutritional value of porcini mushrooms, it is a great option for low calories diets!

  1. Truffle oil

While it might not have the same taste as porcini mushrooms, truffle oil is a good substitute. It is longer lasting, easy to find in stores, and adds a lot of flavor and dimension to your dish.

Truffle oil is an oil infused with the flavor of truffles used to give dishes the flavor of truffles themselves.


Whatever reason you have for needing to substitute a product for porcini mushrooms, there are quite a few options available to you. Whether you’re just looking for the flavor of the mushrooms, or if you are seeking the meaty texture porcini mushrooms provide, you’re sure to find a product that will work for you.

Try some of these out and find out which works best for you!