7 Substitutes for Emmentaler Cheese

Looking for a substitute for Emmentaler cheese? There are lots of different cheeses you can try instead!

Gruyere cheese, Jarlsberg cheese, Gouda cheese, Parmesan cheese, Fontina cheese, Provolone cheese, and Raclette cheese can all be used as substitutes for Emmentaler cheese.

Depending on which kind of dish you’re looking to make, there are plenty of options when you need to substitute Swiss cheese. Gruyere melts beautifully, Gouda provides a sweet flavor, and Provolone is a common but delicious cheese to try.

With so many different kinds of cheeses out there, it can be difficult to know which cheese fits your dish the best. Read on to see the benefits of some of the best substitutes for Emmentaler cheese.

What is Emmentaler cheese?

Emmentaler cheese, or the original Swiss cheese, is a dairy-cow cheese. It’s a very popular cheese and is commonly known for its nutty and fruit flavor and its appearance – which is full of holes.

It’s made using unpasteurized milk from a cow and is very smooth. It has a firm consistency and a non-edible rind. Usually, it is a pale yellow color. 

How do you use Emmentaler cheese?

Emmentaler cheese is a great cheese to use in a variety of different ways. It melts very easily and has a bold and unique flavor. A few common uses for Swiss cheese are

  • Sandwiches
  • Salads
  • Casseroles
  • Fondue
  • Pasta

What can you use instead of Emmentaler cheese?

  1. Gruyere 

Gruyere cheese is a great alternative to Emmentaler cheese. It shares its Swiss heritage with Swiss cheese and is made with dairy milk as well. Similar to Swiss cheese, gruyere can be used in many different ways.

It melts well like Swiss cheese and has a smooth texture. It’s great for sandwiches, grilled cheese, and fondue.

  1. Jarlsberg

Another replacement for Emmentaler cheese is Jarlsberg. This cheese is a mild, semi-soft option. It is also made from cow’s milk and is full of holes just like Swiss cheese. Jarlsberg originates from Norway.

It is yellow in appearance and share’s the nutty flavor with Emmentaler cheese. Although, it is a bit sweeter and has a stronger taste than Emmentaler cheese.

  1. Gouda

Gouda cheese can also be used as a substitute for Emmentaler cheese. This cheese originates in the Netherlands and is yellow in color. It has a sweet, creamy flavor. 

It does have some holes in it as well, so it is similar in appearance to Emmentaler cheese. It also is versatile and can be used in many recipes.

  1. Parmesan

This widely-known cheese can be used as another substitute for Emmentaler cheese. Parmesan is a dairy-milk cheese that originates in Italy. It is a hard cheese that has a nutty flavor and is similar in taste to Emmentaler cheese.

It does not melt as well as Emmentaler cheese but can still be used on things like salads and sandwiches.

  1. Fontina

Fontina cheese is another cheese that originates in Italy and makes a good substitute for Emmentaler cheese. This cheese is a cow’s milk cheese that is creamy and has a sweet, rich flavor. 

The texture is semi-hard and also has small holes in its appearance. It melts nicely just like Emmentaler cheese.

  1. Provolone

Also originating in Italy, provolone cheese can be used as a replacement for Emmentaler cheese. It is a cow’s milk cheese that is yellow in color. It is sweet-tasting but sharpens as it ages. 

This is a common cheese and it used often for things like sandwiches but also does melt nicely and can be used for other dishes.

  1. Raclette

Raclette cheese can also be used in the place of Emmentaler cheese. It’s Swiss in origin just like Emmentaler and melts down wonderfully. 

It is a cow’s milk cheese and has a creamy and nutty flavor. This cheese is generally heated up and then scraped over different dishes to eat.


After reading about so many types of cheeses you can use in the place of Emmentaler cheese, hopefully, you are inspired to create a delicious tasting dish! It may seem intimidating to choose a cheese that is best suited to what type of recipe you’re trying to make but there is always a great option available to you.

No matter what reason you have for needing to replace the Emmentaler cheese in your recipe, there’s a different type of cheese for you to try! Branch out and try something fun like Raclette cheese or stick with something tried and true like parmesan. With so many options, you’re bound to find something you enjoy!