5 Substitutes For Sun Dried Tomatoes

Finding a substitute for sun-dried tomatoes can be tricky. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with five different substitutes that will work well. Sun-dried tomatoes are thick tomatoes that are dried in the sun with herbs and have a rich flavor. 

A few substitutes to replace sun-dried tomatoes are raisins, sundried tomato paste, hibiscus , and dried cranberries.

They are usually not too expensive at most grocery stores either! Fortunately, our options can come pretty close to replicating that savory taste. 

If you find yourself without any sun-dried tomatoes on hand the next time you’re cooking, just grab one of these options instead! 

5 Substitutes For Sun Dried Tomatoes

1. Raisins

Raisins are the first substitute, which may be surprising to some of you! The main difference between sun-dried tomatoes and raisins is that the texture is not quite the same. Raisins are chewier, while Sun Dried Tomatoes have a slightly leathery feel when they are rehydrated. 

That being said, if you do find yourself replacing this ingredient with raisins in your cooking, be sure that it still has enough flavor on its own. Otherwise, you might just need to add extra salt or other spices so that there is no loss in flavor overall.

  • The texture of raisins is similar to sun-dried tomatoes
  • Be sure to adjust ingredients accordingly when swapping out for raisins
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes provide more flavor than raisins do

2. Dried Cranberries

If what you want out of your dish is something sweet, then try using cranberries instead of sun-dried tomatoes. This works particularly well for salads where vegetables like kale work better for food with a little extra sweetness to it. 

It can pair wonderfully with food such as balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing, or a little bit of feta cheese. Talking about feta cheese, find what does feta cheese tastes like.. Add this to kale salad and it will add a nice, sweet flavor to the dish.

  • If you want a sweeter dish, go for cranberries!
  • Perfect with balsamic and olive oil dressing
  • This fruit is the perfect match with kale salad

3. Olives 

Olives are a great substitute for sun-dried tomatoes if you’re looking for that nice acidic flavor. They have the same tangy and salty taste as olives would normally bring into your dish, so they can be used in almost any pasta sauce or salad dressing! 

Just keep in mind that these little suckers might add some extra calories to what you’re making but it’s nothing too significant – about 15 grams of fat per 100-gram serving. You should try out this option since it will help elevate those flavors without going overboard with cheese as most Italian dishes do!

  • Adds extra flavor to your dishes without going overboard on fat
  • Mixes well with other squashes, fruits, and veggies
  • Makes a great snack for kids

4. Fresh Tomato Slices

Lastly, old-fashioned fresh tomato slices can work great in just about every dish that calls for sun-dried tomatoes. They’re sweet, full of flavor, and work great as a substitute in both pasta dishes or even salads. 

Just make sure you add some garlic powder or salt, onion, basil leaves, or similar ingredients before using them because eating plain old tomatoes probably isn’t going to taste too good. You can even mix it with a dash of balsamic vinegar or olive oil to give it a little extra pizzazz.

  • Fresh tomatoes are easy to work with
  • Use them as a substitute in any dish that calls for sun-dried tomatoes
  • Save dishes from having too much tomato flavor

5. Sundried Tomato Paste

If you’re looking for something that’s going to be a bit easier on the wallet, consider buying sundried tomato paste. The flavor usually isn’t quite as intense as sun-dried tomatoes, but they make up for this by being much more versatile and easy to use. 

You can mix them with pasta dishes without having too many issues, spread it onto sandwiches instead of mustard, mix it into refrigerated hummus recipes before serving, or even just add a few spoonfuls into salads if you want those flavors in there!

  • Its versatility allows for many substitutions in recipes
  • The flavor can be modified to suit personal taste
  • Mixes evenly into pasta dishes, sandwiches, salads, and hummus


Sun-dried tomatoes can be replaced with substitutes that can get close to what it’s replacing. However, it’s important to remember that dried foods just have a different character than fresh ones do. 

It will never be the same, but if you can modify recipes enough to take into account both dried and fresh tomatoes, then everybody wins. 

There are many substitutes available on market to buy such as sun-dried tomato pesto sauce which may make things easier for you in the kitchen while trying out new dishes.