The 11 Best Parmesan Rind Substitutes

Parmesan can bring a rich and creamy texture to your dish. Parmesan cheese rinds are a rather popular ingredient that you can find in a lot of stews, soups, dips, or on top of your salad. You could even reuse the same parmesan cheese rind numerous times, making it super convenient to keep around. 

Parmesan rinds have many uses, and multiple recipes call for it, but what if you don’t have any? Sometimes you will be in the middle of making a rich and lush soup but soon realize you don’t have a parmesan rind. What do you do in this case? No need for you to fret; there are many substitutes you can try before you call it quits! Pecorino Romano Rind, Parmigiano Rinds, or Soy Parmesan to name a few. 

What are Parmesan Rinds Made Of?

Parmesan rinds are a somewhat popular ingredient that you would use in soups, sauces, or pasta. The parmesan rind is that hard, protective layer of either cheese or wax. That hard and protective coating is darker in color, thicker than the parmesan cheese, and takes almost 12 months to mature. 

What Can I Do With Parmesan Rind?

You may have been throwing out the parmesan rind this entire time, thinking it was inedible. Did you know you can actually use it to enhance the flavor of multiple dishes? 

A few typical dishes a parmesan rind would be used in: 

  • Pasta Sauce.
    • Along with many other sauces. 
  • Risotto.
  • Stews.
  • Soups. 
  • Dips. 
  • Parmesan Broth. 
  • More!

Parmesan rind can add the rich and savory, nutty flavor that you desire in multiple dishes.  

Stop wasting your parmesan rind by tossing it out; put it to use! No special preparation is needed; throw it into your dish whole or cubed, and let it simmer! Is that easy or what? 

What Can I Use Instead of Parmesan Rind?

1. Pecorino Romano Rind

First and foremost, Pecorino Romano Rind, this exceptionally sharp, scarcely firm texture, nutty, salty, delectable cheese made from sheep’s milk, can be a suitable replacement for parmesan cheese rind. 

Pecorino Romano cheese rind can be kept fresh by wrapping it in plastic and placing it into your fridge for several days. The Pecorino cheese rind can dry out in the refrigerator; giving the Pecorino romano cheese rind a quick rinse can help solve this issue. 

It would be best for you to consider a few things before using Pecorino Romano cheese rind as a substitute for parmesan cheese. Pecorino cheese has a bit different texture, which could affect your final product. 

You’ll want to use less pecorino cheese rind than parmesan cheese rind. Pecorino cheese is much saltier than Parmesan. 

2. Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan cheese is by far the best substitute for parmesan cheese rind. Still, unlike the parmesan rind, parmesan cheese will melt, ultimately changing the texture of your final dish. Bagged Parmesan will not bring the same distinct flavor as fresh Parmesan will. 

Although parmesan cheese is the best substitute, it is not nearly as aromatic or flavorful as parmesan rind. However, this will give you the perfect flavor of parmesan rind but can heavily change the texture as it melts. Depending on your recipe is what determines if you can use parmesan cheese or not. 

3. Gruyere Rind

Another suitable and easy-to-find alternative to parmesan cheese rind is gruyere cheese rind. This popular swiss cheese rind, made from cow’s milk, offers the same texture that resembles parmesan rind. It has an intoxicating aroma making it ideal if you are wanting to add some depth to a lacking dish.

Because gruyere cheese and parmesan cheese are similar, gruyere cheese rind is one of the best substitutes for parmesan rind. Gruyere cheese rind will give you the perfect nutty, savory, and slightly sweet flavor you desire from parmesan cheese. You can use gruyere cheese exactly as you parmesan cheese rind. 

4. Grana Padano Rind

Grana Padano cheese, made from cow’s milk, is harder than parmesan cheese. Grana Padano cheese rind has properties similar to parmesan cheese rind, like having the same texture, chewy, and toughness. 

Grana Padano rind is perfect for soups, stews, salads, and brothy beans. Grana Padano has a similar salty, nutty, and savory flavor, making it ideal for additional flavor! 

5. Cheddar Rind

Cheddar cheese is undeniably one of your most popular cheese varieties with its’ savory, distinctive, nutty aroma that resembles parmesan cheese rind. 

For substituting parmesan cheese rind, you will want to go for the well-aged cheddar; this most resembles parmesan cheese rind.  

You could eat this cheese by itself; the flavor is immaculate, making it perfect for grilled cheese or a salad! 

6. Soy Parmesan

If you’re looking for a vegan substitute, soy parmesan is your best bet. Generally, soy parmesan does not have a rind, so you will have to utilize the cheese itself. The slightly sweet with a hint of nutty is the perfect flavor for a parmesan rind alternative. 

You can use soy parmesan as a substitute in practically anything that you use a regular parmesan cheese rind. Soy parmesan is excellent for adding a rich flavor as well as a rich and creamy texture.  

The best uses for substituting parmesan rind for soy parmesan are: 

  • Soup. 
  • Stew.
  • Dip for breadsticks.
  • Salad. 
  • Sprinkling on top of Pizza.

Although soy parmesan is practically the same as parmesan cheese, soy parmesan is usually not near as savory as regular parmesan cheese. That said, adjust your spices accordingly, particularly your salt. 

7. Parmigiano Rinds

Parmigiano Rinds are a decent substitute for parmesan rinds. You can use it almost the same way as you would with parmesan cheese rind. Parmigiano cheese grates and cubes the same way that parmesan cheese rinds do. 

Parmigiano rinds are excellent for adding flavor, especially in soups or sauces. However, you want to remove the black layer on the rind before using it as it can be very bitter, giving your dish a very off taste. 

8. Asiago Rind

Another very similar cheese to parmesan cheese is Asiago cheese. Though it is not as sweet as Parmesan, it certainly has a complex flavor, specifically if you go for a well-aged Asiago cheese. Well-aged asiago will give a tremendous nutty and smokey flavor. 

9. Manchego Rind

One edible cheese, although not appealing to eat, would be manchego cheese. Manchego cheese rind can be a challenging and chewy cheese rind that gives you a smokey and savory flavor with a unique fruity hint. It has a distinguishing sweetness with a bit of a grassy flavor. 

10. Sapsago Cheese

Further down on your list of substitutes is sapsago cheese. Sapsago cheese is not ideal for cooking the rind as it doesn’t have a dominating sweet flavor. However, it will add a bit of flavor if you have no other options. Your best recommendation would be to mix it in with your dish or sprinkle a bit on top of the dish. 

11. Epoisses Rind

Last but not least, epoissess rind is a particular kind of cheese. All cheese in this category has a very mild and subtle taste. 

Epoisses cheese is very characteristic, slightly acidic, and has a dominant nutty fragrance. Epoisses cheese is your last resort option, as it is pretty hard to find in grocery stores. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give my dog Parmesan rind?

Yes, you definitely can give your dog parmesan rind, as dogs love cheese! 

You should ensure that your dog is not lactose intolerant first by providing a small amount.

 Closely monitor your dog for signs of illness, such as upset stomach, constipation, indigestion, puking, or diarrhea. In case your dog reacts badly to the parmesan cheese rind, stop giving it to them, make sure they drink plenty of water, and if they do not come out of it, call your vet immediately! 

To play it safe, you should give your dog crips or powdered Parmesan to avoid choking. Always remember overconsumption can be deadly!

How many times can you use a Parmesan rind?

Parmesan cheese rinds will keep indefinitely if the parmesan cheese rind is appropriately stored. As long as there is a rind, you can reuse it! You could reuse the same parmesan rind numerous times! Although after some time, your parmesan cheese rind will start to lose its flavor. 

Do Parmesan rinds melt in soup?

Parmesan rind will not melt in your soup, making it easy to reuse the parmesan cheese rind multiple times! Though it won’t melt, it will still add tons of flavor, no worries! 

Final Thoughts

Therefore, you are sure to know what substitute works best after trying the ones listed., whether you have lactose intolerance or are on a vegan diet. There are countless alternatives to Parmesan, such as asiago cheese rind, manchego cheese rind, sapsago cheese rind, or straight-up parmesan cheese.