How Much Do Mushrooms Cost Per Pound?

Mushrooms today are becoming more and more popular. They’ve become quite the delicacy in fine dining restaurants and forging has boomed in the past 5 years. Because of their specific timelines and how tricky they are to find and identify, mushrooms definitely aren’t the cheapest when it comes to buying them by the pound. 

Every mushroom is different when it comes to price. However, they all tend to be on the pricier side because of how hard they are to grow and how hard they are to find in nature. The most expensive mushroom sold by pound is the European white truffle, while button mushrooms tend to be the cheapest. Alongside those they are chanterelles, black truffles, morels, lion’s mane, porcini, shiitake, oyster, and portobello. 

Mushroom Prices Per Pound

European White Truffle

European white truffle mushrooms are $3,600 per pound. Truffles are extremely hard to find and harvest, which makes them so expensive. Growing underground, it takes a special dog or pig to sniff out these highly sought after mushrooms. 

Black Truffles 

These truffles fall at around $800-900 a pound. They are a little less than the European white truffles because commercial growing of them has begun in the United States. 


Chanterelles currently cost $224 per pound. While chanterelles are extremely popular, they are expensive because of their growing needs. Chanterelles only grow in certain areas and need humidity and rain to start to grow. 


Morels are around $200 a pound. Morels also have a very short growing period, which makes these beloved mushrooms expensive. Although they are very popular, people often wonder why they are so expensive. 


Porcini mushrooms are anywhere between $75 and $100 per pound. Porcini mushrooms are loved in cooking for their meaty, earthy flavor. They are an excellent vegetarian option to many meat dishes. While they still have a short growing season like morels and chanterelles, they are a bit easier to commercial grow which is why they aren’t as expensive. 

Lion’s Mane 

Lion’s made falls at around $10 per pound. Lion’s mane is used a lot for medicinal purposes and for cooking and can be sold for more when it is sold in a powdered form (around $25 per pound). 


Shiitake mushrooms cost between $12 and $20 per pound. They are among some of the most popular mushrooms to cook with and are found all over the Northeast. 


Oyster mushrooms usually come to around $5 to $15 dollar per pound depending on your seller. They are extremely easy to grow and don’t have as many growing rules as other mushrooms. They also make great meat substitutes in cooking dishes. 


Portobello mushrooms are usually $6 dollars per pound. People often prefer these out of the cheaper mushrooms because they have a more neutral taste and a better texture than button mushrooms. They are rather large in size and can be used as burgers.


Now the cheapest little mushroom on our list, the button mushroom is about $4 per pound. They grow almost all over the place which lets them fall on the cheaper side. They are popular for their neutral taste. 

In conclusion, mushrooms have a large range of price per pound. It really comes down to how easily they are found, how easily they can be grown and the demand for them across the world. They are always delicious though and worth the extra penny!