Is Cocoa Butter Dairy or Not? Answer Explained

With the word “butter” in its name, many of us assume cocoa butter has dairy in it. Butter is known to be a dairy product as it is made through the process of churning milk or cream until it has solidified into butter. Cocoa butter, however, is not like regular butter.

Cocoa butter does not include dairy, which makes it different from traditional butter. It contains no dairy, which makes it a great option for vegans and those who cannot digest dairy and dairy products, like milk and butter. Cocoa butter is actually made from the fat portion of the cocoa bean.

Continue reading to learn more about cocoa butter being a dairy-free option. Also, continue reading to learn about the different ways that cocoa butter can be used.

Does Cocoa Butter Contain Dairy?

Cocoa butter does not contain dairy. This can be confusing for some since we think of dairy products when you hear the word “butter”. While butter would already be considered a “vegetarian-safe” option, cocoa butter is a “vegan-safe” option.

This is due to the cocoa butter not containing dairy. Vegans do not eat or use products that come from animals. Dairy is often based on milk which comes from cows, so traditional butter is not a “vegan-safe” option.

You may wonder what cocoa butter is made from if it is not made using dairy. Cocoa butter is made using the fat portion of the cocoa bean. This means that cocoa butter is actually made from a plant rather than an animal. You could possibly consider it to be like milk alternatives, like soy milk or almond milk, that are made using plants.

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What is Cocoa Butter Consisting Of?

Since cocoa butter is not a dairy product, you may wonder what it consists of and what it takes to make cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is made using the cocoa bean. The fat portion of the bean is what is primarily used to make the butter.

Cocoa butter is also gluten-free. Gluten often comes from grains, like wheat and rye, so cocoa butter has no gluten since it is made from the fat of a cocoa bean. Cocoa butter is the perfect option if you are vegan, lactose intolerant, or want/need to stay away from gluten.

What’s the Best Way to Use Cocoa Butter?

There are many ways in which cocoa butter is used. Cocoa butter can be used in cooking. When combined with dairy, cocoa butter is often used to make chocolate. This is typically either milk chocolate or white chocolate.

Cocoa butter can also be used to make chocolate bars, chocolate-covered candies, and baked goods. This does require, however, that the cocoa butter is combined with items such as eggs, honey, and gelatin. This makes the items that cocoa butter makes to be non-vegan, although it can be combined with vegan options to make vegan varieties of these items.

Cocoa butter also makes a versatile tool for beauty. It can help to heal your skin, so it is often recommended as something you put on any scars or stretch marks. It also makes a great moisturizer. 

Final Thoughts

Despite having “butter” in its name, cocoa butter is not a dairy product. Rather than being made using milk or cream, cocoa butter is made using the fat portion of the cocoa bean. This makes cocoa butter a vegan option since it is made from a plant rather than being made using animal products.

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There are many uses for cocoa butter. When combined with other ingredients, it is used to make chocolate, both milk and white, as well as baked goods and candies. It is also used as a beauty product due to its ability to help heal your skin.