How to Reheat Sweet Corn

It is summer and fresh sweet corn is available at the local supermarkets.  Sweet corn is cheap and plentiful, and it is easy to buy and prepare too much. What do you do when you cook too much sweet corn?

Sweet corn is very versatile, and there are many ways to reheat it. Try reheating sweet corn in an oven, on the stove, in a microwave, or even on a grill. The key to reheating sweet corn is to make sure you do not overcook it.

Reheated sweet corn probably won’t taste as good as fresh. However, if you reheat it using these methods, it will still be succulent and juicy. Add your favorite toppings and enjoy a reheated feast almost as delicious as the original.

Use a Conventional Oven

Set the temperature of your oven to 350. Wet down an ear of sweet corn and wrap it in aluminum foil. Place it in the hot oven for approximately 8 minutes.  

When you remove the aluminum foil, the sweet corn should be steaming. Serve immediately with butter and salt.

Use a Stove

You have most likely already boiled the sweet corn once. Why not boil it a little more? Heat a pot of water and put the corn in it.

Be careful to not reboil the sweet corn too long. It is already cooked so all that is necessary is to heat it up. Less than two minutes in the boiling water should be sufficient.

Serve the sweet corn the same way you ate it previously. Or use your imagination and try some other spices and toppings.

Use a Microwave

This is the simplest and possibly the best way to reheat sweet corn. It is quick and leaves very little cleanup.

First, wet down a piece of corn. Wrap it in plastic wrap. Put the sweet corn in the microwave oven on high and cook for only one minute.

The corn will be extremely hot when you remove it. Be careful when you remove the plastic wrap, because you may burn yourself. Season the corn as desired and eat as soon as it is cool enough to not burn your mouth.

Use a Grill

Sweet corn tastes fantastic when cooked on the grill. Sweet corn that is reheated on the grill can be as good as fresh corn. The key is the temperature of the grill.  Cleanup can be super easy if you use a non-stick grill.  

Make sure the grill is hot enough to turn the kernel of the corn a golden brown. The quicker the outside gets toasted, the juicier the corn will be. A gas grill set to about 400 degrees should be adequate.

You can use a lot of different spices on grilled corn. You can choose a classic butter and salt, or you can use chili powder, mayonnaise, grated Mexican white cheese, and lime. Either way, the grilled flavor of the corn cannot be beat.  


Sweet corn can be just as delicious the second day as the first, provided the cook takes care in preparing it. Use a conventional oven, a stove, a microwave oven, or a grill to reheat sweet corn. Season your sweet corn as desired and you will be pleased with its sweetness and juiciness.