How to Reheat a Hard Boiled Egg

If you have hard-boiled too many eggs and you are left with some that go uneaten, don’t fret.  Reheating hard boiled eggs is possible and easy.

You can reheat your hard boiled egg using a microwave or with boiling water.

The Microwave Method

Using the microwave to reheat your hard-boiled egg is the quickest option.

Step 1: Peel your hard boiled egg.

Step 2: Cut egg in half.

Step 3: Put egg in microwave safe bowl or plate.

Step 4: Put 10 seconds on the timer at a time and check to prevent the egg from getting rubbery.

Step 5: Enjoy your warmed up egg.

Quick tip #1

**Make sure to follow steps one and two.  A reheating egg can explode if put inside the microwave whole.**

Quick tip #2

**When you bite into your egg beware of a very hot yoke that could spurt out excess hot moisture.  Don’t burn yourself!**

The Stovetop Method

Reheating your hard boiled egg with boiling water doesn’t take much longer than microwaving.  With no pre-cutting of the egg, you are one step closer to the finish line.

Step 1: Place egg, still in shell, in a heat proof bowl.

Step 2: Pour boiling water over egg until it is just submerged.

Step 3: Cover bowl with dish to keep steam inside.

Step 4: Remove egg from water.

Step 5: Crack shell, peel and enjoy!

An Even Simpler Way!

If you are cooking your eggs you must always use boiling water.  But for reheating it can be as simple as holding your pre-hard-boiled egg under hot water.

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How to Use Your Eggs

With your rejuvenated eggs you can make delicious recipes, add them to salads, or just enjoy them on their own.

Egg salad is a respectable choice but just make sure not to freeze it.  Because of consistency and its ingredients, freezing egg salad isn’t the best idea.  

Adding your eggs to a green salad is a wonderful way to add protein to your already healthy veggies.  Chop up a carrot, a cucumber and toss with lettuce greens and your chopped eggs (and even to make it a cobb!) and there you have it!  

It’s Worth It

Your eggs are worth saving.  They are packed with nutrients and some might consider them the perfect food.  There are so many other ways to use your refreshed hard-boiled eggs.

Meal Ideas

*Idea #1: delicious potato salad

*Idea #2: arugula salad with chopped egg

*Idea #3: egg salad sandwich

No Matter What

However you decide to reheat and serve your eggs you won’t be disappointed.  So many options.