How to Make Skin Colored Frosting: Quick and Easy Way

There are many different colors of frosting that can be used to decorate cakes. Cakes tend to be decorated with frosting that is very bright and vibrant in colors like blue, red, and purple. It is also possible to make skin colored frosting to go on your cakes. The main issue is that there is no dye that is labeled as skin color, especially with how many different skin tones there are. So, how do you make skin colored frosting?

There are many different skin tones that you can base the color of your frosting on. Each one requires you to start with a base, like white frosting, and incorporate different amounts of food coloring that you will mix into the base color.

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What Colors Usually Make Skin Color in Frosting?

In order to make skin colored frosting, you want to take a base frosting, such as white or buttercream, and you want to incorporate different amounts of food coloring in order to get the skin tones you are looking for.

There are three basic types of frosting that can be used to create skin colored frosting. These bse types include:

After choosing your base for your skin colored frosting, there are certain colors you can mix together to make the skin tones. Some colors that can be mixed include:

  • Red food coloring
  • Yellow food coloring
  • Brown food coloring

These three colors are used to make light colored and medium colored skin. To make darker skin tones, you want to start with chocolate frosting and incorporate white frosting until you get the tone you desire.

How to Make Skin Color Frosting

Skin colored frosting can be an interesting choice to use to decorate cakes and cookies. Since all skin colors should have equal representation, it is important to know how to make different skin tones rather than just one type.

There are three different categories for skin tones that you can emulate using frosting or icing. These three categories are light colored, medium colored, and dark colored. Each of these categories have different methods to make them.

Light Colored Skin

Light colored skin tones are often used to represent Caucasian communities. These skin tones have a lighter complexion and do not need many darker colors in order to emulate. 


In order to make light colored skin tones using frosting, there are some steps you can follow in order to best create the frosting.

  1. First, you want to pick a frosting base that you will add color to. For light colored skin, it is best to start with white frosting.
  2. You want to add three drops of red food coloring
  3. After adding the red food coloring, you want to add around two to three drops of yellow food coloring to the mixture.

By following these three steps, you will notice that the frosting will become more of a peachy color. From here, you can add more yellow or red depending on how the tones are. You want to keep white frosting on hand in order to turn down the tones of the coloring.

Medium Colored Skin

Medium colored skin tones represent those who have more Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and Asian skin tones. Medium colored skin-toned frosting can be created by adding on to the method used to create light colored skin-toned frosting.


To make medium colored skin tones using frosting, you may first want to create light colored skin tones as this makes it easier. After creating the light colored skin tone, you want to:

  1. Add brown food coloring to the light colored tone you have already created

You can also make medium colored skin tones by:

  1. Using a chocolate frosting as your base
  2. Incorporate white frosting in order to lighten the mixture
  3. Add yellow food coloring in order to create more of an olive tone

Dark Colored Skin

Darker shades are used to represent those with darker skin tones, such as people from Africa or African descent. Unlike with medium colored tones, you do not want to use a previous skin tones frosting to make the dark colored skin tones.


To make frosting that has a coloring similar to dark colored skin, you want to follow these steps.

  1. First, you want to use chocolate frosting to serve as your base for mixing
  2. Next, you want to incorporate white frosting into the base in order to lighten the tone to be similar to the skin tone shade you are aiming for

If you find that the frosting is getting too light when you add the white frosting, you can add a few drops of black food coloring.

Final Thoughts

Skin colored frosting can be a great decoration for any cakes and cookies you may bake. Using skin colored frosting can also be a great way to represent everyone equally.

To make skin colored frosting, you want to use a frosting base, typically white, buttercream, or chocolate, and incorporate either food coloring or another frosting to change the shade to match the skin tone you are aiming for.