How to Keep Garlic Bread Warm

The best garlic bread is warm, fresh, and full of flavor. This common and easy dinner side dish is best served warm. But how do you keep it that way? Here are a few tips for keeping your garlic bread warm and tasting delicious.

Wrapping it in aluminum foil and placing it in the oven is the best solution.

Should Garlic Bread Be Served Warm?

So, why should you serve garlic bread warm? It’s simple: the flavor is better. When garlic bread is served chilled or at room temperature, it can taste flat and bland. That’s because the flavors of fresh garlic and butter need to be heated up in order to come through–and when they don’t get that opportunity, they’re lost on your guests’ palates.

How do you keep your garlic bread warm? There’s a trick though, while it seems easy to keep things warm, garlic bread is prone to steaming, and sitting in steam means you might lose that crunch from the toasted crusts and sides of the bread.

There are several options available depending on where and when you’ll be serving it:

  • In an oven with a pilot light (be careful not to overheat!)
  • In a crockpot with low heat (again, watch out for burning!)
  • In another heated container like an insulated lunch bag or thermos

How Do You Keep Garlic Bread Fresh and Warm?

Tin Foil

Probably the most effective and easiest way to maintain your warm garlic bread is wrapping it in tin foil. If you have tin foil on hand, it’s recommended that you use this method.

Wrap your bread tightly in your tin foil and leave a small slit in the top to allow air and that pesky steam to escape. 

Turn your oven to the lowest temperature ( often between 150 and 170 degrees F). Place the wrapped bread in your oven.

If you’re going to take it on the go, wrap your bread in aluminum foil the moment it comes out of the oven. Transport it in a cooler or ice chest (without the ice). The combination of the two should keep it warm for a couple of hours. 

This method isn’t advised if you’re going to have to keep it warm for more than an hour or two.

Another option is to line your bread basket with aluminum foil. This seals the basket and reflects some of the heat back into the covered bread. 

Heated Bread Basket

If you’re on the go and don’t have the option to keep it in the oven, then consider a heated bread basket. As long as there’s an electrical outlet, you’ll be able to keep any bread warm. 

Casserole Carrier

While not the most ideal, you can keep your bread warm in a casserole carrier with some towels over the top. 

Heater for your bread basket

Create a nice little heater for your bread basket. Wrap some dried beans or other dried grains in a tea towel and heat them in the microwave. Place the heated bundle in the base of your bread basket. With a towel wrapped over your bread, the warmed beans will keep your bread warm for the whole meal.


There are two ways to use the microwave. 

First, you can use it to keep warm bread warm. Microwaves aren’t the best at keeping heat when off, but are designed to hold some heat. Wrap your warm bread and store it in the microwave for a short time to maintain the warmth in a pinch.

Second, you can warm the garlic bread in the microwave. As long as you intended to eat it right away, microwave for 10 seconds. 

Slow Cooker

Wrap your bread in aluminum foil and place it in your slow cooker on low. This should keep your bread warm for a few hours. 


As long as you watch out for that pesky steam, keeping your bread warm is an easy task. Aluminum foil with a steam vent is your best bet, but that’s not always possible, especially if you’re on the go. 

At least you’re prepared for your next party or get-together and your bread is sure to be spectacular.