How Long Does Homemade Yogurt Last?

Some individuals opt to make their own yogurt at home. By controlling what you put into your homemade yogurt, you can reap the benefits of this high-protein snack without sacrificing nutritional content. But how long does homemade yogurt last?

In general, homemade yogurt can last for up to two weeks in the fridge. The countdown starts once you’ve activated your initial culture and began the yogurt-making process. The guidelines are different for reculturing, which limits the lifespan of homemade yogurt to just seven days.

Storing Homemade Yogurt

Learning how to store yogurt properly plays a big role in how long your homemade yogurt will stay fresh. To avoid contamination, you should never eat from the original yogurt container or mix old and new yogurt.

An airtight container is recommended for long-term storage, but you can also store homemade yogurt in the original dish. Just be sure to seal it with foil.

Always store your homemade yogurt near the back of the refrigerator where temperatures are more likely to remain stable. Avoid storing yogurt in the door of your fridge, where it could get warm and go bad.

You can also freeze yogurt. Although we wouldn’t recommend this storage method if you are planning on eating yogurt later, it does work well if you plan on putting your yogurt in another dish later on.

Related Questions

How Do You Know If Homemade Yogurt is Bad?

There isn’t a specific scientific method you can use to find out if your homemade yogurt is bad, but common sense goes a long way in making this determination. If your yogurt smells foul or rancid, it is likely it has gone bad. The consistency of your yogurt is also a telltale sign of freshness, as it should be thick and smooth instead of lumpy or slimy.

How Do You Make Homemade Yogurt Last Longer?

Unlike other dairy products, yogurt is derived from a starter called a “culture.” You can dry the culture, which allows the yogurt starter to stay good for up to three months.