How Long Does Frozen Orange Juice Last?

Though it is sold in a paper tube, frozen orange juice has a much more pleasant taste than the cardboard that contains it. Frozen orange juice is a cost-effective breakfast staple with a remarkably long shelf life. 

In fact, frozen orange juice can last for up to one year before being thawed. 

What is Frozen Orange Juice?

Frozen orange juice is a WWII-era beverage created with the idea in mind that it would be easier to ship to soldiers overseas for their daily dose of vitamin C. It is created by extracting the liquid from a massive quantity of freshly-squeezed orange juice. The resulting product is a thick, syrupy “concentrate” that is added to water to create an orange juice beverage. 

Frozen Orange Juice Shelf Life (Unthawed)

Unthawed frozen orange juice is one of those things that seems as if it can last forever in the depths of a freezer drawer. So if you’ve found a container of that syrupy frozen concentrate within a year of its purchase, it is still safe to consume. Bear in mind, however, that the flavor of the orange juice will begin to deteriorate after about three months.

Frozen Orange Juice Shelf Life (Thawed)

Once your frozen orange juice has thawed and is ready to be made into a refreshing breakfast beverage, the shelf life does decrease dramatically compared to the year shelf life afforded by the freezer. Thawed frozen orange juice will keep in the refrigerator for about three days. 

Final Thoughts:

Frozen orange juice was originally created for soldiers but is still used as a tasty way to get your much-needed vitamin C. If kept in the freezer, it can last for up to a year, but once thawed and mixed with water, it needs to be consumed within three days.