What Is The Freezing Point of Orange Juice?

Orange juice is an amazing beverage to have with breakfast early in the morning or any time throughout the day. You can either make orange juice yourself by squeezing oranges, or you can buy it from the store. While it is mainly kept in the refrigerator, you may wonder if your orange juice will freeze if you put it into the freezer.

You can freeze orange juice. Like other liquids, leaving orange juice in the freezer for a few days to a week can result in the orange juice becoming frozen. Depending on the way you have obtained your orange juice, the amount of time that it can be frozen can vary.

Continue reading to learn more about orange juice and how you can freeze your orange juice.

What Are The Health Benefits of Orange Juice?

Orange juice is one of those beverages we start drinking as children that many of us continue to drink into our adulthoods. Orange juice is a drink that both tastes good and is healthy for you to consume.

One of the main reasons orange juice is considered to be a healthy beverage is that it contains many nutrients that are important for your body to function. These nutrients include Vitamin C, Potassium, and Folate. 

The Vitamin C in orange juice helps to play a central role in the function of the immune system. It also helps to promote bone formation, gum health, and the healing of wounds. Orange juice is also high in antioxidants which can help you to maintain your overall health.

Drinking orange juice can also help you to prevent kidney stones, decrease inflammation along with any problems that may be tied to the inflammation, and it can help to improve the health of your heart. Some other health benefits of orange juice include:

  • Improving digestive system function
  • Boosting anti-ageing
  • Treating and preventing anaemia
  • Improving cholesterol

How Long Can You Freeze Orange Juice?

Freezing orange juice is a good method to use if you want to ensure that your orange juice will last longer. Freezing is a great way to store your orange juice if you have an excessive amount, and the freezing could provide more health benefits.

Depending on the method in which you have obtained your orange juice, the amount of time that it can be frozen can vary. For example, unopened store bought orange juice can be frozen for up to a year before it goes bad, while it will only last for up to six months if opened.

For freshly squeezed orange juice, it can be frozen for up to four months. Orange juice concentrate can be frozen for up to a year; however, orange juice concentrate that has been thawed and opened should not be put in the freezer to be frozen again.

If you leave orange juice frozen for longer than these times, it can go bad as the quality and flavour can decrease.

How To Free Orange Juice

There are different methods in which you can freeze your orange juice. Each of these methods will allow for you to safely freeze your orange juice and be able to thaw it later for consumption.

Method 1: Freezer Safe Containers

Although you may want to just place your store bought orange juice in the freezer, it is not recommended. These containers that the store bought orange juice are in can expand and possibly explode when left in the freezer.

The best way to avoid this is to pour the orange juice into a freezer safe container that is more suitable to hold your orange juice while in the freezer. These containers are more suitable to be kept in the freezer when compared to the containers the store bought orange juice is purchased in.

Method 2: Ice Cube Trays

Ice cube trays are the easiest way to store orange juice in the freezer. Whether you go out and buy ice cube trays to use or just use ones you already have, your orange juice can get frozen when kept using ice cube trays.

Through the use of ice cube trays, you can better manage the orange juice you put into the freezer, and it makes it easier to keep an eye on the quality of the orange juice that you have frozen. This is also a good method if you like orange juice with ice in it as putting the ice cubes created from the orange juice in the trays into a glass of orange juice can ensure that your juice is not watered down once the ice has melted.

Method 3: Freezer Bags

If you want to store orange juice in the freezer using freezer bags, it is important that you do not pour the orange juice directly into the bags. This can make a big mess that you will have to clean up.

This method of freeing orange juice is primarily used as an extra step to the ice cube tray method. Once you have frozen the orange juice using the ice cube tray, you can pour the cubes into a freezer bag to keep in the freezer. This will free up the ice cube tray, so you can use it to freeze more orange juice.

Method 4: Freezer Safe Mason Jars

This is another great method for freezing orange juice. With how popular mason jars have become, it is possible that you have a few in the kitchen already.

In order to freeze your orange juice using freezer safe mason jars, you want to pour the juice into the jars leaving approximately one inch of space at the top. This space will allow for the orange juice to expand as it freezes and prevents the juice from crowding and causing damage to the mason jar.

Final Thoughts

Orange juice is a very healthy beverage to drink. While many of us like to enjoy a nice and cold glass of orange juice in the morning, you may consider freezing your orange juice in order to make it last longer. There are different timelines for how long your orange juice can stay frozen before it goes bad, but you can thaw your orange juice and enjoy the nice and cold drink.


Can fresh squeezed orange juice be frozen?

Fresh squeezed orange juice can be frozen. Due to it being all natural, fresh squeezed orange juice will not last as long as store bought orange juice when frozen. This is due to the preservative and processing of the store bought orange juice.

How do you thaw frozen orange juice?

There are a few ways that you can go about thawing a frozen orange juice. The first method you can use to thaw your frozen orange juice is to just take the ice cubes you have if you used the ice cube tray method and put it into a drink.

Another method to thaw frozen orange juice is to take it out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator. Despite also being cold, the refrigerator is warmer than the freezer, so over time your orange juice will thaw. This can take anywhere from three hours to 24 hours, and the juice should be drunk within a two to three day period after being thawed.

The final method you can use to thaw your frozen orange juice is to use the microwave. This is the quickest of the thawing methods as it applies heat to the frozen orange juice. You want to put the frozen orange juice in a container that is microwave-safe and hit the button to defrost the juice. Once the juice has thawed this way, it is best to consume it within an hour of thawing.

Can you freeze orange juice in a plastic container?

You can use a plastic container to freeze orange juice, but the container must be freezer safe. This ensures that the container does not bust when the orange juice begins to freeze.