What is the Price of Elephant Coffee?

There is nothing quite like that first sip of coffee in the morning to start your day. Coffee is a beverage that is quite popular for helping people feel less tired while increasing energy levels. It can also improve the body’s metabolism and productivity so no wonder it’s a household favorite.

We’re delving into a particular type of coffee today, the Elephant poop coffee. Yes, you read right, and you might be wondering why anyone would drink this. Elephant poop is indeed used to make this unique brand of coffee and it is also said to be quite expensive.

A kilogram of elephant coffee can cost nearly $2,000 which makes it one of the most expensive coffees in the world. A cup of this coffee is also sold in the $50 range, which is also highly priced.

How is elephant coffee made?

Black Ivory Coffee, as elephant coffee is otherwise known, is made from the fermented waste from Elephants and it originated in Thailand.

The elephants are fed raw coffee beans or cherries mixed in their food to start the process. The fermentation then begins and this is made possible due to how they break down cellulose.

After anywhere between 15 hours and 3 days, the elephants defecate and the fermented beans are handpicked and washed.

Then they are dried and sorted before they are roasted and stored. This process is similar to the Kopi Luwak coffee which is obtained from the Asian Palm Civet.

How much is elephant coffee?

The Black Ivory Coffee is known as the rarest coffee and of the most expensive as well. It is mostly sold to five-star hotels and select restaurants. About 33kg of these coffee beans are needed to make 1kg of this special coffee.

The coffee can be purchased online at anywhere from $200 for three 35-gram packets or a 35-gram packet for $100. This can be rounded up to $1,886 a kilogram, no wonder it’s so rare! A cup of this wonder is reportedly sold at $50 a cup.

What does elephant coffee taste like?

This unique coffee does not leave a bitter taste as would be expected with notes of chocolate and spices. It has a well-balanced aroma and is said to taste earthy and slightly sweet. The taste is unexpectedly soft, almost as if one were sipping tea.

Is elephant poop coffee worth it?

While the idea of spending so much on this coffee might seem insane, it is worth it. Let’s look at a few benefits of this distinctly unique drink.

It has an unusual but exceptional taste. Due to the meticulous and natural production/brewing process, you are assured an extraordinary cup of coffee. The hints of chocolate and spices marry to give an exceptional taste.

You’ll be enjoying a blend of tea and coffee. The natural sweetness alongside the velvety feels while drinking this coffee gives off a tea vibe. If you like tea and coffee then this would be great for you.

It has lower caffeine and is easily digested. Black Ivory Coffee has a much lower caffeine content compared to other types of coffee and still tastes rich. It is also easy to digest as the fermentation process aids in the breakdown of the compounds.

The Black Ivory coffee offers real indulgence. The price tag on this coffee alongside its brewing process makes it quite limited. It is limited to select places worldwide due to its restricted production. So it’s certainly not a bad idea to indulge yourself in this exclusive and expensive coffee experience.

It’s promoting the environment. The environmentally sustainable methods employed in the production process make it an even better experience.

The Black Ivory Coffee Co Ltd which produces the coffee is responsible for the welfare of the elephants. Their contributions to rescuing the elephants and also promoting the environment make this ethically enjoyable.

This special coffee offers a great albeit wholesome experience and there are different reasons to explore this rare coffee. It has several health benefits because it contains malic acid and citric acid which aid in fighting diseases. It can also boost energy and is good for the brain as well.


This particular coffee is one of the costliest and rarest in the world, because of its unique creation process. However, it arguably offers one of the best coffee experiences for coffee lovers.

With its unique taste and price, Elephant coffee is certainly a treat. The benefits are also healthy and ethical as well.