Do Uncrustables Need To Be Refrigerated?

Uncrustables are a popular, classic packaged peanut butter and jelly sandwich without crust, hence the name. They were originally created by the brand Smuckers, with the intention of being sold at school lunches, but their popularity made them widely available in grocery stores.

When buying Uncrustables at the grocery store, they are most likely to be found in the frozen foods section. Which would lead one to believe that they must be stored at cool temperatures to maintain their freshness.

Do Uncrustables Need to be Refrigerated?

According to the brand themselves, Uncrustables can be refrigerated but should be eaten within one day of refrigerating. They should be frozen for extended periods of time.

Do Uncrustables Need to be Refrigerated or Frozen?

The short answer, to both, is yes. Uncrustables will likely be bought frozen, and they should be kept that way until you are going to eat them. The sandwiches can be kept in the fridge, but should be eaten within a day of refrigerating them.

Keeping Uncrustables in the freezer helps them to stay fresh for longer. It is a little more inconvenient, as they need to thaw out before eating. But, the best decision to make if you aren’t going to eat them within a few days is to put them in the freezer.

How to Store Uncrustables

Uncrustables come in a bag that is freezer-safe, so you can put them right into the freezer once you get home from the store. If you eat them pretty often, or live with people who do, putting a couple in the fridge is a fine idea. Either way, they are ready to be stored in their original packaging.

Can I Keep Uncrustables in the Fridge?

Uncrustables can certainly be kept in the fridge. But, the brand recommends that when storing these sandwiches in the fridge, they should be eaten within a couple of days. This is mainly to optimize the flavors. So, if you are not planning on eating them anytime soon, the freezer is a better bet. Some people even like to eat Uncrustables before they have thawed.

Can Uncrustables go Bad?

Like most foods, Uncrustables do expire. The expiration date of Uncrustables is usually around a month from the time of purchase. There will be a specific date on the package that your sandwich comes in, it is best to adhere to this.

Storing food in the freezer is known to increase its shelf life, and Uncrustables are no exception to this. Keeping Uncrustables in the freezer can help them to stay good for about an extra two months.

Uncrustables can still go bad fairly quickly, though, because of the processed peanut butter. Storing them improperly will speed up this process, but nonetheless, here are some things to look out for.

Your Uncrustables have gone bad if you see any mold forming on the sandwich, or if it feels slimy to the touch. They will also have an unpleasant odor and flavor. If you notice any of these signs in your Uncrustables, they have gone bad and should be discarded immediately. 

How Long are Uncrustables Good for After Thawed?

After being taken out of the freezer and thawed, Uncrustables will last between six and eight hours before going bad. If you aren’t consuming them right away, you shouldn’t be leaving them out on the counter. Keeping Uncrustables at room temperature for any amount of time is the least recommended thing to do with them.

Thawing Uncrustables

Because it is most recommended to keep Uncrustables in the freezer, you may be left wondering how to thaw them out quickly. The brand itself recommends just keeping your sandwich at room temperature for 30 to 60 minutes, but if you don’t have the time for that, there are a few other options.

One popular method that people like to use for thawing their Uncrustables is by submerging the sandwich into warm water. Keep it in its original bag, or put it into another ziploc bag for an added layer of safety. This will speed up the thawing process.

Using a heating pad is another effective way to thaw Uncrustables faster. All you need to do is remove your sandwich from the freezer and place it onto a heating pad. Just remember to turn the sandwich over periodically to get it evenly heated.

You can also thaw Uncrustables by using your own body heat, or sticking it between thick materials in your closet like sweaters. Leaving it on the dashboard of your car on a hot day is another effective method. 

It is not recommended by the brand to recommend these crustless sandwiches, but it can be done. Obviously, you want to be careful to prevent the ingredients from seeping out. So, if you need to microwave your Uncrustable, do so in very small intervals. 

Can You Refreeze an Uncrustable?

Uncrustables can be refrozen, but each time you refreeze an Uncrustable sandwich, the quality may decrease. The same way you technically can reheat food in the microwave, the results might not be the same as they were the first time.

When you refreeze an Uncrustable sandwich, more ice crystals form on the bread. This can make it soggier when you go to eat it, once it has thawed. So, in short, it is safe to refreeze Uncrustables, but may have an affect on their quality. 


Uncrustables can certainly be kept in the fridge, but they should really go in the freezer. Keeping some Uncrustable sandwiches in the fridge isn’t a bad idea if they are going to be eaten within a day or two. Otherwise, it is recommended to store them in the freezer to keep them fresh for as long as possible.