Can you Refreeze Hot Dogs?

What do you do when you use half of your package of hot dogs and realize you are full and cannot finish them? You freeze them! Freezing your hot dogs can be a great way to extend the life of your unused hot dogs. Freezing your hot dogs can be great for stocking up and avoiding the grocery store. In any case, you can quickly freeze hot dogs, and it is easy! With an easy process, why not freeze your hot dogs? 

Yes, you can refreeze dogs! However, you can only refreeze them one time after the first freeze. If you freeze more than once, you ask for texture changes or more rapid spoiling. 

The USDA, or United States Department of Agriculture, says you should refreeze all processed foods, such as hot dogs, once. It would be best to take these precautions when freezing hot dogs to avoid any problems. 

What is the best way to refreeze hot dogs?

There are a couple of ways to refreeze your hot dogs. The best method is up to you and your specified needs. Depending on your freezing method, freezer, family, and more, determine what is best to freeze hotdogs. 

The remaining hot dogs can alter their texture and taste the longer they are in the freezer. 

Things you need:

A few supplies are necessary for freezing your hot dogs. Before you begin freezing your hot dogs, ensure you have the proper materials needed for the process.

  • Hot dogs.
  • Sealable freezer bags. 
  • Something to wrap your hot dogs in, like wax paper, aluminum foil, or high-quality freezer paper. 
  • Your freezer. 

How will you start:

The entire process of freezing hot dogs is easy. You are a few simple steps away from having frozen hotdogs! Ensure you have the above supplies before starting the process. Without the necessary tools, you may be unable to finish this task. Do not open your hot dogs until you are ready to consume all of them or freeze part of them. 

Step-by-step procedure:

There are several ways to freeze your hot dogs. You may wonder how you go about such a process. Follow the subsequent steps to learn how to freeze your hot dogs today! Ensure you follow the next steps to get the best results in freezing your hot dogs. 

Another thing you should remember is that the UDSA says that one-time refreezing your hot dogs are safe. Any more than that, you could be asking for trouble. Not only will your hot dogs change in texture and taste, but they will also be at high risk for spoiling faster. You should also ensure that you have the proper supplies before starting the process. You need specific supplies. Without them, you cannot accomplish much.

Use wax paper to line your freezer-safe bags

First, line your sealable freezer-safe bags with wax paper. Cut it to size, then line your sealable bags with it. Lining your bags will prevent any freezer burn while stored in the freezer. Freezer burn can alter the taste of your hot dogs. No one wants weird-tasting hot dogs. 

You could describe freezer burn as the formation of ice crystals on the surface of your food. Freezer burn occurs when your food has gotten exposed to the dry, cold air within your freezer. The cold and dry air will dehydrate the outer layers of your food, causing the layers to lose moisture. Freezer burn can be a bad ending for your hot dogs. Most of the time, when freezer burn occurs, you must throw out your freezer-burnt hot dogs or other foods.

Make portions of the sausages

Second, you want to portion out your hot dogs. Portioning your sausages to prevent thawing too many at a time can be beneficial. Since you can only refreeze your hot dogs once, it is vital that you only take out how much you need out of the freezer. 

The main priority behind portioning your hot dogs is so you only thaw a few at a time. If you take out too many, you could dethaw more than you will eat. That could result in wasting your hot dogs, as once they have defrosted, you must use them. It would help if you did around three in one bag to portion your hot dogs.

 If you have a larger family, you may want to freeze more than that at a time. Thawing out only what you need can be a massive benefit of freezing hot dogs. You can only refreeze your hot dogs once more after the initial freeze. 

Place them in a freezer container/bag

Next, you can place your portioned hot dogs in the respective freezer bag. Ensure you leave plenty of room between the hot dogs to ensure they do not stick together. Having your hot dogs stuck together could be a recipe for trouble. Make sure you use a container or bag suitable for the freezer. A container not ideal for the freezer could break or not hold up to your freezer’s dry and cold conditions. 

Repeat the process again

You can repeat this procedure as many times as necessary. Depending on how many hot dogs you have to freeze will determine how many times you repeat the process. The more hot dogs you have, the more times you need to repeat the process. Ideally, you could freeze many hot dogs at once instead of a few here and there. You could start a stockpile of hot dogs in your freezer for easy grabbing.

Mention the freezing date

One thing you must do is label the date of your freezer bags of hot dogs. As with anything you freeze, you should mark the date you froze. Having the date on your packs of hot dogs can ensure you use them within the time frame they are meant to be used. You should use frozen hot dogs within six months of being in your freezer. After six months, they are safe to eat, but the freezer may alter the texture and taste. The longer your hot dogs are in the freezer, the more the quality degrades. 

Freeze it on the bottom shelf of the freezer

Lastly, ensure you place your bag of hot dogs on the bottom shelf of your freezer for the best results. The bottom shelf of your freezer is typically the coldest part of your freezer. Ideally, you should keep frozen hot dogs at a constant 0°F. The colder the hot dogs are stored, the better your hot dogs will keep. 

How to refreeze cooked and uncooked hot dogs?

Alternatively, your hot dogs may not be precooked. In this case, the recommendation to refreeze your hot dogs is within 3 to 5 days of thawing. Hot dogs thawed in an unopened original store packaging can go directly back into your freezer. 

No additional steps are needed. If you have an open, partially-used package, you should refreeze them within two to three days for the best results. Squeeze as much air out as possible before freezing. Make sure you seal the opened uncooked hot dogs tightly to prevent freezing issues.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1 – What is the shelf-life of refrozen hot dogs?

As stated earlier, you can refreeze hotdogs only once after the initial freeze. The first freeze of your hot dogs can be up to six months. 

You must take precautions if you choose to refreeze your hot dogs after thawing. You likely will not have an issue refreezing your hot dogs. You could heighten the risk of texture changes in your hot dogs, which is not fun. 

You run the risk of not only texture changes but faster spoiling as well. After the first refreeze, you should use the rest of your hot dogs to prevent any issues. 

Q2 – How many times can you refreeze hot dogs?

The USDA, or United States Department of Agriculture, says you should freeze processed foods, like hot dogs, only once after the initial freeze. 

After one thawing of your hot dogs, you can freeze once more. The longer your hot dogs are in the freezer, the higher the risk of texture changes, bacteria, mold, or spoiling. Any further freezing could be asking for trouble. 


To conclude, you can freeze your hot dogs in several ways. Which way is best is up to you. Whether you wrap your hot dogs in foil, plastic, or other wrappings before freezing or freezing them directly in the store packaging, both ways are sufficient. There is no one way to freeze hot dogs.