Can You Put A Dutch Oven In The Oven? Answer Explained

A dutch oven and an oven have literally the same word inside of them, but you might still be asking if your dutch oven can go into your standard oven. Thankfully, the answer is a resounding yes! A dutch oven is a large and thick walled pot that is safe for both the stovetop and the oven, and putting them in the oven can be a great way to increase their possibilities.

You just need to know a few tips, tricks, and best practices in order to put your dutch oven in the oven effectively, and that is what this article is going to give you!

What Is A Dutch Oven Made Of?

Your Dutch oven might be made of one of several materials, and thankfully all of these materials are well designed to withstand the temperatures of the standard oven. Enameled cast iron Dutch ovens, cast iron Dutch ovens, and aluminum Dutch ovens can all be tossed into the oven to finish off the cooking time. The walls of the Dutch oven will even promote even heating of your foods as well, and will keep the distribution of the heat evenly throughout the cook.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is the melting point of your Dutch oven and what temperatures it can withstand. For most Dutch ovens, they can take about 450 degrees of heat, but should be used low and slow on both the stovetop and the oven. Not only do Dutch ovens trap heat, but they also hold in heat so you don’t want to overheat them and the food inside.

How Do You Use A Dutch Oven In The Oven?

Once you prep your tools and ingredients, make sure to preheat your oven before inserting the Dutch oven. Depending on what you are cooking you might sear or braise some of the ingredients on the stovetop before you throw it in the oven, or you might decide that you need to give the ingredients a stir to make sure that everything is evenly distributed in the pot.

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Then you need to take your Dutch oven and place it on the middle rack of your preheated oven, and cover the Dutch oven if the recipe calls for it, and also if the lid is oven safe. Then all you need to do is follow the specific directions for whatever you happen to be cooking and you will be all good.

If it is your first time cooking with a Dutch oven, don’t be afraid to check on the contents and adjust the time and the temperature as needed until you get the hang of it.

What are the Different Ways to Use a Dutch Oven in the Oven?

A Dutch oven is one of the most versatile cooking items you can work with, and you can cook almost everything inside of it. However, each of these cooking methods uses different methods of cooking, and you will need to familiarize yourself with different ways of using a Dutch oven depending on what is on the menu.


If you want to cook meat in your Dutch oven, then you need to braise it low and slow for several hours. While that might seem impossible to do if you are extremely hungry, the meats that you make will be well worth the wait!


If you want a nice hearty soup or stew for your dinner, then you can intensify the flavors by throwing everything into the Dutch oven and letting it cook. Plus, the best part of this method is that it is all done primarily on the stove top, and you only need the one pot to make your soup in. It is a hearty meal that is also very simple to clean up, so it is a win-win on all fronts!

Desserts And Breads

Yep, baked goods can go into the Dutch oven! You can make skillet cookies, cobblers, cakes, and more in your Dutch oven and they will all come out in less time than you think. Plus, if you have a no-knead bread, then you can get a golden loaf with the crispy edges that you adore in your Dutch oven as well.

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Just make sure to really pay attention to the directions for baked goods in the Dutch oven, because you don’t want them to burn.

Where Else Can You Use a Dutch Oven Aside From an Oven?

Of course, because a Dutch oven is a large pot, there are plenty of other places where you can use a Dutch oven in your home! A Dutch oven can be used on every single heating surface in your kitchen. The oven, the stove, hot plates, electric plates, and even more can all be used by a Dutch oven to be cooked on, and most recipes have different instructions depending on what you might need.

All you need to do is check with the manufacturer’s website or with the information that came with the Dutch oven, and make sure that the Dutch oven can be used safely at the temperatures you want. They are pretty durable, but you should always double check and get a range on the Dutch oven’s limits before you place them on any hot surface.


As long as you make sure that your specific Dutch oven can handle the temperature that you are subjecting it to for your dish, then your Dutch oven can be used in a traditional oven. Make sure to take a look at the manufacturer’s recommendations for the type of Dutch oven that you have, and also make sure to follow the directions of your specific recipe. 

As long as you don’t overheat your Dutch oven by turning your oven temp too high, it will cook anything you want in the traditional oven, and you might find that the meal tastes even better than before!