Can You Freeze Peanut Butter Fudge? 

Making fudge can be a relatively easy process and yields delicious results. Fudge makes a perfect little sweet bite and is a great treat to give to friends and family. But what happens if your peanut butter fudge doesn’t set quite right or if you need to speed up the process? 

Yes, you can freeze your fudge to help with the setting process. In fact, it is usually a preferred method. Freezing your fudge can help to fully set it after you have started the process in the refrigerator. 

Why Won’t My Peanut Butter Fudge Set Up?

Making fudge can prove to be a little tricky, but once you’ve mastered the process it is so fun to do! You do need to have a reliable candy thermometer and a little patience, but the wait is very rewarding!

When you are making your own fudge, it’s important to read through your recipe so you have a good idea of the process. So what happens when the fudge you lovingly attended to doesn’t quite set all the way? There could be a few reasons that cause fudge not to fully set:

  • Your sugar mixture didn’t reach the right temperature 
  • The liquid to sugar ration may be too high
  • You didn’t beat the fudge mixture long enough

Whatever the reason for your fudge not setting up, more than likely you can fix it. Sometimes, you can melt all the ingredients again, making sure that your fudge reaches the right temperature and then remix them. 

It’s also important that you allow your fudge to come to room temperature before cooling. Once it cools to room temperature, you can finish setting it in the fridge and then the freezer. 

Sometimes, all you need to do is put the fudge in the freezer to finish setting it and you are good to go!

Can You Put Peanut Butter Fudge in the Freezer to Set?

You can absolutely put peanut butter fudge (along with other fudges) in the freezer as part of the  setting process. Most recipes will tell you to set the fudge in the refrigerator after it cools a bit. 

Once the fudge is in the fridge for a little while (1-2 hours is ideal), you can place it in the freezer to speed up the process. 

If you are needing the fudge sooner, you can shorten the time in the fridge and finish setting it in the freezer. Just be sure that you don’t put warm fudge right into the fridge or freezer! 

How to Store Peanut Butter Fudge in Freezer

Whether you are storing leftovers to enjoy later or setting your fudge in the freezer, you will want to do it properly. The goal is to not allow any extra moisture to enter the fudge and to prevent odors from seeping into the fudge. 


  1. Once the fudge is completely cooled and set, cut it into smaller chunks, or ideally, bite sized squares.
  2. Wrap the squares completely in wax paper – this will act as a barrier and protect the fudge from any moisture. 
  3. Next, tightly wrap the fudge in plastic wrap or foil to seal out odors and to help prevent freezer burn.
  4. Place the bundle of fudge in an airtight freezer bag or container. 


  • It’s a good idea to store fudge in the back of the freezer to help with any temperature change.
  • Vacuum seal your bag if you are using one to store the fudge.
  • Cut the fudge into the portions that are good for eating instead of one large block – this will also be helpful when thawing.
  • If you need to stack fudge to fit it in the container, use layers of wax paper to separate the fudge.
  • You can freeze smaller squares separately so you only pull out what you want to eat or serve.
  • Be sure and label the container with the contents and date you freeze it. 

How Long Does Peanut Butter Fudge Last in the Freezer?

Peanut butter fudge, just like other fudges, will keep for a long time in the freezer. If properly stored, you could keep it for up to a year!

However, to ensure the quality of fudge, storing it for 3-6 months in the freezer is recommended. This is great if you need to get a jump on any holiday baking!

How to Thaw Fudge?

You’ve successfully not eaten the whole batch of fudge – kudos to you! If you freeze your fudge to enjoy later or maybe if you need to freeze it to give as a gift later, you may be wondering on how to thaw it for the best results. 

It’s important to allow enough time to thaw your fudge properly to ensure the best quality – remember fudge does not like drastic changes in temperature. 


  1. Remove the fudge from the freezer and place it (still wrapped in its container) in the refrigerator overnight, or ideally for 24 hours.
  2. Remove the fudge from the container and its wrappers and enjoy!


  • Do not use the microwave to thaw your fudge – this will ruin the product and can even scorch yourfudge. 
  • If you only need a portion of the frozen fudge, carefully take out what you need to thaw from the freezer, then return what you don’t need back to the freezer.
  • Once the fudge is completely thawed, you can cut it if needed or just serve and enjoy!
  • Keep thawed fudge wrapped in wax paper in the refrigerator to prevent moisture from forming. 
  • If any moisture beads do happen to form on the fudge, simply dab away with a paper towel. 

How To Tell if Peanut Butter Fudge Has Gone Bad

Because of the sugar content, ingredients, and cooking process of peanut butter fudge, it is less likely to spoil than other food items. However, it can go bad if not stored properly or if kept for too long. Here are some things to look for: 

  • If moisture gets in the fudge, it can cause a slimy film on top, crystals to form, or it may even separate and become mushy.
  • Fudge that has gone bad may start to crumble or become dry and cracked.
  • If the fudge turns a dull or ashy color, it has spoiled and should be thrown out. 

What Happens When You Eat Old Fudge?

Because of the high sugar content of fudge, it is a relatively shelf stable food item and takes a lot for it to actually go bad. If you do happen to take a nibble of some bad fudge, the chances of it making you sick are pretty small. More than anything, it will just not taste good or have a good texture. 


Homemade fudge is so much better than store bought! You can almost taste the love you put into this sweet confection and surely you’ll want to preserve some of your treats to enjoy later. 

Freezing fudge can help in the setting process and is a great way to keep it on hand, ready to enjoy whenever that sweet tooth strikes!