Can You Freeze Fudge?

Fudge is a perfectly rich treat that can be bought in a wide variety of flavors. These might include peanut butter or chocolate chip. Whether you are sharing your fudge with other people or eating it alone, you probably won’t end up eating all of it at one time.

Usually, fudge contains dairy. But it also has a high sugar content that helps to stabilize the flavor and texture. The most important part of keeping fudge is storing it properly. It can be kept at room temperature, or in the fridge or freezer.

Can Fudge be Frozen?

Like most foods, keeping fudge in the freezer will extend its shelf life. Fudge can be frozen, and it will last for about two to three months in the freezer. 

To store fudge in the freezer properly, first wrap it in parchment paper. Then, wrap it again in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. The double wrapping process will ensure that no other elements can get to the fudge.

The best place to store fudge in the freezer is towards the back, and not at the front of your freezer. This will help keep it from fluctuating in temperature as you open and close the freezer door. When it’s time to eat fudge from the freezer, let it thaw for two to three hours before consumption.

Can You Freeze Homemade Fudge?

Homemade fudge can be frozen in the same way that store-bought fudge can be. The important part, still, is to keep it away from other elements. To store homemade fudge, first cut it into smaller pieces and wrap those in parchment paper.

Can You Freeze Fudge Made with Condensed Milk?

Fudge made with condensed milk will also freeze efficiently. Some people claim that the taste of condensed milk changes when frozen. But regardless of the ingredients in your fudge, if you are storing it properly the chances of it being altered are rather low. 

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Does Fudge Freeze Well?

Freezing fudge is a perfect option for long-term storage. Once frozen and thawed, you can expect to enjoy fudge that is close to perfect. Freezing fudge, or any food, does increase the risk of its consistency and flavor changing slightly. But, when doing so properly, this risk is minimal.

How Long Can You Freeze Fudge?

When stored properly, you can expect your fudge to last for two to three months in the freezer.

Storing Fudge Short-Term

Maybe you don’t have a ton of fudge, and think you can eat it in less than a couple of months. Well, fudge keeps perfectly at other temperatures, and does not have to be frozen. While freezing fudge is the optimal choice for longer time periods, there are short-term options as well.

Fudge keeps surprisingly well at room temperature, too. The main factor in storing fudge at room temperature is making sure it is kept away from light and weather. Again, layer the fudge with parchment paper and put it inside an airtight container. It is best to put it towards the back of your pantry or cabinet, instead of leaving it sitting on the counter. 

At room temperature, you can expect your fudge to last for two to three weeks. It will last for about the same amount of time in the fridge. To keep fudge in the fridge, make sure it is in a sealed airtight container with waxed paper between the layers of fudge.

Does Fudge Go Bad?

Fudge can go bad, but not in the same way that many other foods spoil. For example, if fudge is exposed to air for long time periods, it will dry out. If it sees temperature changes, its texture can become slimy or melt altogether. This is why storing fudge correctly is important.

Eating fudge that has experienced a change in its texture won’t necessarily harm you. But, some ingredients that can be added to fudge can cause it to gain a funky smell or mold. In this case, the fudge should be thrown out. 

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What is the Best Way to Store Fudge?

So, you have three options to store fudge; room temperature, fridge, or in the freezer. Which one you choose depends on how long you want your fudge to last, or how quickly you plan on eating it. 

Regardless of how you choose to store your fudge, the most important factor is keeping it protected. An effective way to do this is by cutting the fudge and storing it in separate layers, after placing waxed paper between the layers. Then, put it in a sealed airtight container.

Can You Freeze Fudge to Set It?

If your fudge doesn’t seem to be hardening fast enough, it can be put in the freezer to speed up this process. One thing to know is that drastic changes of temperature can easily ruin goods that have been baked, like fudge.

The best way to set fudge using cool temperatures would be the fridge, as the coldness is not as intense. It is recommended to leave fudge in the fridge for thirty minutes to harden, and check back on it afterwards. But, if you are in a time crunch, expect to leave it in the freezer for about ten minutes to harden. 


Fudge can certainly be frozen, and like many things, freezing fudge will greatly extend its shelf life. It can be kept at room temperature or in the fridge as well. Either way, the most important factor is that you store it correctly. When fudge is kept properly in the freezer, you can expect it to last for a few months.