Can I Substitute Bisquick for Flour? 

Bisquick baking mix has been a staple in kitchens across America for almost 100 years. Its convenience and simplicity make it a no brainer for home cooks that are looking for a delicious shortcut to their baking. 

This answer, though, is not so black and white. To put it plainly – yes, you can substitute Bisquick for flour… in most cases. 

Bisquick has flour in it, along with several other ingredients, making it a quick pre-mix for baking recipes. Because of these extra ingredients, sometimes you may need to adjust your recipe if you are replacing flour with Bisquick.

Can You Use Bisquick Instead of Flour?

Bisquick can be used instead of flour, but you may need to alter the recipe you are using. Because Bisquick mix has other ingredients added to it, you will need to determine what adjustments need to be made. This is simple to do though, and just requires a bit of legwork.

What is the Difference Between Bisquick and Flour?

The difference between Bisquick and flour is the added ingredients to Bisquick. In addition to the enriched flour, there is also: shortening, baking soda, sugar, and salt. 

The added ingredients in Bisquick allow for bakers to make baked goods easier and quicker since you don’t have to measure out so many ingredients. This is very helpful if you are short on time or aren’t experienced with baking.

In What Recipes Could You Use Bisquick Instead Of Flour?

Bisquick was made by General Mills as a premixed baking mix to help the home cook get biscuits on the table faster. Now, there are recipe suggestions on the back of every Bisquick box with various ways to use the mix. 

But what if you ran out of flour and are using a recipe that calls for regular flour? Or maybe you just don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen and are looking for a shortcut! Let’s explore how Bisquick can be used to replace flour. 


Biscuits are an excellent example of using Bisquick in replace of flour. This is after all why the baking mix was made! 

Of course, you may have a favorite biscuit recipe that uses all purpose flour. In this instance, you could replace the flour with Bisquick, but you will need to adjust the recipe. 

For a quick recipe, these drop biscuits are not only delicious, but incredibly easy to make – no rolling dough required!

  • Combine 2 cups of Bisquick Mix with ⅔ of a cup of milk 
  • Simply drop biscuit dough by spoonfuls on your ungreased pan
  • Bake in a 450 degree oven until done!

These would also be good used on top of a chicken pot pie instead of pie crust. Simply drop the raw dough on top of your chicken mixture before baking. 


Pancakes are another breakfast item that are made even easier by using Bisquick instead of flour. With the added ingredients, using Bisquick to make pancakes is a flavorful shortcut. 

Who wants to deal with measuring out all the ingredients in the morning? Instead, by just adding your liquid ingredients, eggs and milk, to your Bisquick baking mix – you can have a stack of flapjacks quickly!  

Leftover Bisquick pancakes are great to freeze, making the next time you want to eat breakfast even easier! 


So, what is a crepe? Crepes are considered to be just a really thin pancake. The main difference in the batters is that crepe batter traditionally does not have a leavening agent. This prevents the cake from puffing up like a pancake and produces a very thin and delicate treat.

Even though Bisquick has leavening agents in the mix, you can still use Bisquick to quickly whip up a batch of crepes. 

  • Place your Bisquick mix, milk, eggs, and melted butter in a blender 
  • Process until smooth
  • Ladle a small amount of batter onto a hot large, flat skillet
  • Gently spread the batter with the back of a ladle or roll the pan around to ensure a thin, even layer
  • Carefully flip the crepe after it is lightly browned on one side and cook for another minute 

By blending the batter you will get a very smooth and runny consistency – perfect for crepes. 


Using Bisquick to make a gravy is a great idea since it has salt and shortening already in the mix. 

Add your measured Bisquick mix to your pan with the melted fat as you would plain flour and whisk until combined and the raw flour mix is cooked. Finally, add your desired liquid to make your gravy. 

Unlike some other recipes, when using Bisquick instead of flour to make a gravy, you can substitute the same amount of Bisquick in replace of the flour.

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken has never been so easy! Whether you are using boneless or bone-in chicken, frying it or baking it, you can get great results by replacing plain flour with Bisquick. 

The baking soda in Bisquick helps to provide an incredibly light and crispy breading which also holds up well in the oven. 

  • Melt butter in a glass baking dish and set aside
  • Dip chicken in beaten egg (using bone-in and skin-on is best)
  • Next, coat your chicken in a mix of Bisquick and paprika, for extra flavor
  • Place chicken in the pan with melted butter
  • Bake for 50 minutes, flipping chicken half way

The use of melted butter helps to brown the chicken, giving it that deep fried look and delicious crunch!

Quick Breads

Baking doesn’t have to be so daunting when using shortcuts like replacing Bisquick for the flour. Because this mix includes so many baking ingredients you can quickly and easily whip up: banana bread, muffins, and even coffee cake. 

For a super easy, moist, and tasty banana bread – simply mix 3 mashed bananas to 1 cup of Bisquick until combined and bake in a bread tin. 

Pie Crust

Making pie crust has never been so easy when you use Bisquick instead of flour. Combining Bisquick, water, and melted butter makes for a super fast and tasty crust. 

If you want to simplify things even more, mix your ingredients in the pie dish and press into place. Another no-roll recipe for the win! 


Bisquick can be used to make a variety of different cookies: chocolate chip, peanut butter, and even the classic sugar cookie! 

Using Bisquick indoor flour in this sugar cookie recipe cuts down on all the measuring and makes baking these delightful treats  so easy.

  • Start out by creaming butter and sugar together
  • Add your egg and vanilla extract
  • Mix in your Bisquick mix 

Once the dough is made, you can either roll out the dough and cut out shapes, or you can slice and bake cookies!

Pizza Crust

Another great use for Bisquick mix is using it to make a quick pizza dough. With just three ingredients: Bisquick,  warm water, and olive oil, you can have dinner ready in no time! Because there is no yeast in this pizza crust, it doesn’t even need to rise.


Whether you are celebrating a birthday, graduation, or just want a cupcake, making homemade cupcakes has never been easier. 

Instead of measuring out several dry ingredients, just mix together: Bisquick, sugar, milk, shortening, and a splash of vanilla. Place the batter in a lined muffin tin and bake!

How to Substitute Bisquick In Recipes Instead of Flour?

You can always use the recipes on the back of the Bisquick box. But what if you are using your own recipe and realize you don’t have any flour? 

Knowing the breakdown of Bisquick mix is helpful. For each cup of Bisquick mix, there is 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder, 3 tablespoons of shortening.  

Another good rule of thumb when using Bisquick instead of flour, is to not add any more baking powder or baking soda to your recipe. Also, keep in mind – for recipes that call for butter, using unsalted butter is a good idea as there is already salt added to Bisquick. 

Frequently Asked Questions

While Bisquick has been around since the 1930’s, not everyone is familiar with it. Let’s explore answers to common questions about Bisquick!

How long does Bisquick last after opening?

Once you open Bisquick, it is best to use the mix within 4 months. Signs your Bisquick have spoiled include: mold, large clumps, and a bad odor.

Can I freeze my Bisquick mix?

You can absolutely freeze your Bisquick mix. Simply store it in a freezer safe container and it will keep up to 4 months. Be sure and thaw it completely before using it. 

Is Bisquick just self-rising flour? 

Bisquick is often mistaken for self-rising flour, but it has several more ingredients. Self-rising flour is just flour, baking soda, and salt.

Can I use pancake mix to replace Bisquick?

In a pinch, pancake mix can be used to replace Bisquick. However, most pancake mixes contain more sugar so your end results will be sweeter.

Can I make my own Bisquick mix?

Absolutely! Having homemade Bisquick on hand is a great idea. Simply pulse together: flour, baking powder, salt, and vegetable shortening in a food processor. Store in an airtight container in your refrigerator for up to 3 months. 

Final Thoughts

Bisquick is a great ingredient and can be so versatile for the home cook. When you are using Bisquick to replace flour in a recipe, remember you may need to adjust the other ingredients.

Whether you are baking tasty treats, or frying up chicken for dinner you can always find a use for Bisquick mix.