Boston Cream Donut vs. Bavarian Cream Donut: How Do They Compare?

Choosing between donut flavors can be a tough choice. Between regular clazed, maple rolls, strawberry donuts, and different kinds of cream, there is much variety that you want to pick them all.

While one solution is to eat all the donuts, the other is to learn a little about the differences, and how they match your preferences. People are often confused by the difference between a boston cream donut and a bavarian cream donut. Neither are very descriptive like “Chocolate cake” or “Lemon.”

In the context of more than one popular donut place, there can be differences in both the donut shell itself and the cream inside. We’ll explain more below.

What is Bavarian cream?

To give an extremely brief history lesson, bavarian cream originated in Germany or France. Bavarian cream is the mixture of milk thickened with eggs, gelatin, then folded into whipped cream. This gives bavarian cream a thick, rich flavor like custard. 

The difference atop a Bavarian cream donut is powdered sugar. 

The taste of bavarian cream is very light and airy, and often like sweet vanilla. Bavarian cream is often thick enough to appear to be sticking out of a donut without actually running out or falling out.

What is Boston cream?

Boston cream originated in, you guessed it, around Boston Boston cream actually uses similar ingredients with a different method. 

Boston cream generally contains eggs, cream, sugar, butter, and cornstarch. The difference between boston and bavarian cream in this sense is that bavarian cream has whipped cream folded into it.

Normally, boston cream is also served with a chocolate frosting topping. The key difference here is that boston cream doesn’t normally use powdered sugar.

Texture differences

Bostom cream is rarely eaten on it’s own (Ok, you actually might want to try eating it without a pastry shell, we won’t judge) because it’s not as thick, and because it’s traditionally in donuts or cakes. You may have heard of a boston cream pie or cake. Boston cream is considered more silky and less dense than bavarian cream.

Bavarian cream can be eaten on it’s own without a pastry shell or cake. When it was “invented” it was intended in part as a standalone desert. This is say also that the texture of Bavarian cream can be eaten with a spoon or fork and it sits in a bowl well.

Which one is better?

Well, we talked about difficulty choosing earlier. If you are more in the mood for a slightly lighter cream filled donut, we would recommend the boston cream donut – with chocolate icing, of course.

If you want heavier and thicker in your donut, or you dislike the idea of a donut potentially having it’s cream more likely to spill out – you can’t go wrong with bavarian cream. 

With that said, we suggest ordering both at the same time and trying them. You might not have realized they actually are different outside of having different names.

Is one or the other healthier?

We are talking about donuts here. The healthiest way to eat a donut is to have less sugar. Also, most donuts are pre made so unless they are labeled as lower fat or carbs, a donut maker is unlikely to make a different kind.

That said, anything is possible! Some people don’t mind removing some sweetness to be able to enjoy a donut without guilt.